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  1. Greetings all,


    I am having trouble tying flies using buck tail. Im wondering how I can get my buck tail streamers to have more of a baitfish look. Every time I try I just get a frayed/ fanned out look. I dont have any pictures right now to show you what I mean, so Im just wondering if there is another technique I should be trying?


    Also I know Iv been asking a lot lately but is there any easy streamer patterns I can try? Ive done several Micky FInn's and have been happy with the results and I'm mainly targeting bass, pike and walleye. I have a decent order of synthetics coming in hopefully this week to experiment with as well.


    Thank you all for the advice.



  2. Greetings all,


    Ive recently been tying several big zonker strip flies for pike. My question is when I was testing them out to see how they swam in a tank they wouldnt sink? I had to use a small split shot weight 6 inches up from the fly to get the action I was looking for. I would have thought that when they got wet and heavy that they would sink and swim nicely.


    Would lead wire help? I new to tying with zonkers so Im in need of some advice.




  3. Greetings all,


    Icelandic Sheep Hair, anyone use it? Any one a fan?


    I was recently at cabelas taking with their fly tier about materials and he recommended this Icelandic sheep hair. I've personally never heard much about it but I got 2 packages anyways - chartreuse and black. I find I'm not a huge fan of it and was thinking its because I'm not using or tying the right patterns?? I don't know but is was wondering what you fellas think of the stuff and any commen, easy patterns I could try.



  4. Greetins all,


    Looking for some advice here. To be honest im new to both fly tying and fly fishing. Iv had a fly rod for years but never really took the time to become good at it, only caught a few brookies and a couple smallmouths here and there. As stated earlier in a post I have taken a job teaching in Northern Manitoba, Canada. Perfect oppritunity for both, awesome awesome walleye and pike fishing as well as lake trout, and pretty much winter untill June so I would have lots of time for tying.


    I love new hobbies and recently started tying but I am unsure what to tie plenty of considering I am only new to the sport. Iv tied a dozen or so Wooly Buggers and Worms as well as PT and Hares ear nymphs. Again new to the hobby but my flies are starting to look pretty darn good compaired to those I have boughten commercially.


    Any advice? Im hooked on the tying so far and usually try to tie 3 or 4 flies a night. I do understand that I am investing alot of time and money in something that I dont know for certain will even catch fish, just too much fun to stop.biggrin.png



  5. Sounds good. I recently caught a 37 incher ice fishing. No one up here fly fishes, I dont understand why.... huge monster pike and walleye, the sopts we catch fish are wide open and free of things to tangle up on and in the summer it stays day light from 5am till about 1am lol. Perfect fishing conditions if you ask me.

    The moose and caribou hunting doesnt hurt either!

  6. Greetings all, I was wondering if anyone out there has had any experience fishing Pike on the fly? I recently took a job teaching in Northern Manitoba and the fishing has been UNREAL. Lots of large Pike and Walleye as well as Lake Trout.

    This spring I would like to try fly fishing up here, alot of the spots we fish are wide open and the Pike hang out right along the shore, perfect oppritunity. I received some flies from a gentleman from home (Nova Scotia) over Christmas break but I still have alot of questions.


    Line weight/leaders and tippets?

    Flies? Colours and Sizes?


    Iv started tying aswell and would like to get a good jump on the flies before the ice melts (middle to late may) up here. xblink.png.pagespeed.ic.jZ-_dA-Dno.png


    I appreciate any help



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