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  1. Hi, dont go up with ISO to 2200. Settings under 1200 will be better. With good lights set it on ISO250 or 400, taking Programm A or S to lern the playing betwen Bulb and Time ... Bulb about size F8 will bring you more sharpness on the Background ..... Time not longer then 1/20 or you lose sharpness , because you will shake it o much SY
  2. Hi all, In recent weeks, my stocks of flies shrink considerably. That's why I tied this pattern for rapid and turbulent waters. I hope you like them... Cy from Austria!
  3. Fantastic! Very great job ... How did you make the legs? SY
  4. Great fly, the simple are often the better #thumbs up# SY
  5. Hi all, I am currently using the Danvise Rotary Vise. Next time i will buy the Mastervise from Marc Petitjan Swisserland http://www.petitjean.com/shop/en/fly-tying-vise/master-version.html That´s the most perfekt Vise i have ever seen. Only the very high price is a drawback. SY
  6. Hi all! I will give you a self-creation of a stonefly nymph. Tails are made of mallard flank fiber Body is made ​​of strips of a latex glove Rabbitdubbing Legs are made from Crizzly hackle The Eyes are made with one Farfallepearl ..... have fun with tying! By!
  7. I think that the bend of the hook makes it look as if the larva would run straight. That was my idea to do so. The hook I use is from Tiemco (TMC 200R size 10 #) SY
  8. Hi all, Yesterday a friend and I spent a long time with tying a realistic stonefly larvae. So come out even see what it is. Greetings from Austria
  9. Thanks all .... it´s very nice to get some Feedback. SY
  10. Hi all! Please excuse my bad English, because my language is German. I´m a Newbie in this Forum and also Beginner for tying Realistic Flies. I have tied 6 pieces of Realflies. You can see the last one on the photo. Now i want to send it to a Flytiers-Competition. Can you tell me how my chances are so, or what the jury looks at the assessment. Many thanks to you! Tight lines!
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