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  1. Hi everyone. I usually post over on the "classic" side of the forum, but lately I've been tying alot of steelhead flies. I thought I'd share some of what I've been up to. Aaron Ostoj
  2. I don't care what Kelson says, I like Malloch's version of veiling on a Popham. :headbang: To me, it really depends on the individual pattern. Some look great with exaggerated veils, some don't. Aaron
  3. That's got some great lines to it Bud :headbang: That close up really shows how smoooooth the floss is. Great job. Aaron
  4. McIntyre, That makes sense. I see what you mean now. It was pulled up a bit maybe while wet to give it a bit more proflie. Aaron
  5. What a Flee!!! :headbang: Look at that hook. I think the wing angle has more to do with the tying style than being fished. This fly is how I was taught to tie a Jock. The underwing IS the fly! The wonderful white tipped turkey is the soul of a J. S. I've fished featherwings a bit, and I've never had a wing POP up after being fished. Usually just the opposite, it usually compacts more. The wing looks very "marburyish" to me. Maybe someone steeped in MOM stuff could comment on that wing? Aaron
  6. Dave C. I've got that Chinn Nicholson somewhere on my hard drive, I think I found it on the Washington FF site? Since we've got one of Mr. Chinn's flies up, what the heck......a couple more couldn't hurt. Talk about FLOW! There was nothing else like this being tied when Mr. Chinn created these! Aaron
  7. Dave, You are a TRUE classic salmon fly hound! :headbang: That is the set of pictures I have. 21 Plates of flies. Some may be "suspect" as to they're origin, but all very nice examples of classic patterns. I didn't know if anyone even noticed these when they were up on his site. I use them as reference quite often. I'm sure you will see some similarities between my "style" and these patterns if you look at some of them. Nice long sides, low wings, and lots of ribs! Just the way I like em' Aaron
  8. Royce, I rather like the round bend of the A&H. I've got a few kicking around just ITCHING to have a Nicholson tied on them I wish I could say that these are part of my antique fly collection, but they are not. These were offered for sale a few years ago on Schmookler's R&U site as part of a huge collection. I have all of the plates on CD. There are over 20 specimen drawers full of mint classics. I made color copies of 21 of the drawers. I may have to bring them to a meeting sometimes and "show and tell" They have been a wonderful source of inspiration for me! Aaron
  9. Here you go Dave, and anyone else that likes old classics.... Aaron
  10. Dave, This is my Favorite pattern (the malloch version) You did it justice! I'd have loved to have seen it on a 7-8/0 though. I don't see the GP you speak of. I used Peacock when I tied it. I've got some photos of this pattern and other variants that I pulled off of schmooklers site years ago. They were in a huge collection of classics being sold. You would swear some of them WERE tied by malloch. They very may well have been. I'll try to post them up If I get a chance. Great job, Dave :headbang: Aaron
  11. Favorite---- Nicholson, and it's variations Least Favorite--- Black Argus. This pattern has forced me into a temporary tying retirement. I have never had a pattern give me as much trouble as this one. Aaron
  12. Matt, You already have the best vise there is for tying on the huge hooks you seem to like lately Your Fingers! I have never marred the finish on a hook with em' yet The best part is that they are free! Good luck with whatever vise you do choose! Aaron
  13. What a great look at styles! But, I think you are looking in the wrong place for "classic proportions". You should have compared actual photographs of flies (antiques!) I can honestly say I've never measured either of the two aspects you have. I'm not a real mathmatical, ruler kind of guy when it comes to my "artwork" (canvas, paper or hook) I do sketch a "mock up" of the fly before I tie it and use it as a template for my work, though. If it looks good to me on paper, it usually looks good on the hook (at least in my eye). The original "look" or concept for the fly comes from my minds eye of "flow" and what I want the finished fly to look like. That said, I've also just tied stuff on the hook and let the fly happen, as it may..... Needless to say, it did not make a finished product I was happy with. The other option I've used is to copy an antique as close as I can. In that case the antique (picture of it) is the template, and I usually come up with a fly that resembles it somewhat. Thanks for posting this up, it was fun to read! Aaron
  14. Very, very, cool Mike! I really like the hackle collar on the front. Stunning! Aaron
  15. Mike, That is a great looking fly, Kind of melds a Childers/gordon/black dog/butcher all in one! :headbang: Really nice! What is the whisp of blue on the side? Aaron
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