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  1. The fly in the upper right corner of the Radencich´s collection photo is not Traherne fly. It´s Kelson´s Bronze Pirate.
  2. Hei Mikko, great fly! However, I suppose this fly is created during the World War, not the second. The pattern is described in Wallenius´s book published in 1923. Will we see the dark version as well? :headbang:
  3. Hey Dave, very nice work and nice compotition! Please enjoy the vise, for I can not :crying:
  4. Thanks a lot guys! Dave, this is a pattern by John Traherne, like the previous ones I posted. You can see them in my homesite as soon as I get them photographed. www.ottiperhot.com . Feathers are tragopan neck feathers Bruno, the fly is photographed on top of a wine box, I thought it will bring French atmosphere Dave C. :hyst:
  5. Just couldn´t keep my hands off the vise, so I made one more quickie. Has nothing to do with this topic :hyst:
  6. Oh, this one I dedicate for you Bruno, "France fly"
  7. Here is my last fly for a while. I´m going to Slovakia until August, so I will not be able to tie flies for a looong time :crying: Well, I´m sure I´ll find something else to do :cheers:
  8. :hyst: Very nice, Bud! Looks so good though, that I don´t think that the little chain would prevent fish not to harm themselves :crying:
  9. Great fly Bruno, some new approach for GH!
  10. Great fly Dave! The twist- you have made it your self?
  11. Davie, well I´ve seen the other one before - it does not stop to amaze me. And now you send this other one It´s as near perfect as a fly can be.
  12. Hei Yassid! Great fly, good tying!
  13. Wow. Very nice fly, Dave! And super work as usual! Btw. The few Finnish patterns I sent to you, are rapidly spreading in the internet. Maybe I should send you some more
  14. I like it very much, very beautiful feathers and a very beautiful fly!
  15. Thanks a lot guys Hei Jamie, I have not dyed those feathers, in fact I really never dye any materials :baby: That´s something I should probably start doing. Here, I took better photos in the backyard... snow is reflecting light nicely
  16. Long, great! The herl wing is very difficult, but you have mastered it perfectly! Next time you can also use my vise
  17. The newest! I´m sorry for the bad photo again... there seems to be not enough light resources at my place. My life is covered with darkness
  18. Hei Davie, extremely beautiful! Natural colours are just something else!
  19. Moro Tero, mielettömän hienolta näyttää! Your site and gallery seem wonderful, but your flies are just something else...! Amazingly beautiful!
  20. Very nice Kate, Long! Sometimes we are very critical on our own flies - if they have a small flaw we might concider them as B-class though the overall execution might be very good. Well, I guess that´s the only way for us to develop our skills further! Anyways, your Kate is top quality in my eyes, even if not amongst your best ones. Btw. for me your photos always seem great!
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