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  1. My first try at a wooly bugger. I see why this hobby can become addicting.
  2. Thanks for all the replies. I found a fly shop here locally that I am gong to visit and just look around to see if they offer any class's or events that I could attend. I was looking to start out spending around a hundred to hundred fifty dollars for the basic tools just to see if I like it.
  3. Thanks for the input thought I search for it but apparently not. I haven't bought any equipment yet but looking a getting a basic kit and working up any input on basic kits?
  4. Hey guys new to fly tying but not to fly fishing. Been looking around the site for a while figured I would join. Looking forward to learning about fly tying. I was wondering how I could find out if there was a local tying or fly fishing club in my area of Mobile.
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