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  1. Happy New Years to all here, absentee tyer here. Has been a few years since my last tie on the vice.
  2. uHello JOE, not a ghost from the past, just not been around for a while. Eyes have gone and sold off my tying equipment and supplies. Furled leaders I have done and I ask what for or why braid. With the lack of stretch in braid I found that it is easy to lose the fish with a regular hook set and pulling the fly out of the mouth and lips of the fish. Braid to me is not the fly fishers friend unless you are going for toothy critters like pike and Muskie.
  3. wtg Steve, not as easy as some may think. I know exactly what you are going through, I myself have went from 366 pounds to 194 pounds. Feeling great and healthy to boot.
  4. One thing to remember when you mash down the barb and most Conservation Officers will try this. If the hook has a mashed down barb and they pass it through a cloth(normally a shirt sleeve) and the hook gets caught on the material or pulls material with a snag you can be fined and it will stick in court. Most C.O.'s will tell you that you need to do a better job on mashing them down if you are being a respectable angler/flyfisher.
  5. Yep, just send him $10 a ticket for your part Terry.
  6. A picture is worth 1000 words, so............
  7. works here after it says done are you clicking on the .....add into this post... button
  8. See this topic and go to the reply http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?sho...pid=246611&
  9. got to below the post box and you will see a file attachment area, browse and pick photo then click add this attachment. When it is done uploading you will see another prompt box that lets you add it to the post.
  10. No problem receiving stuff I ordered from Jamie, good person to deal with 150%. Hold-up likely the border and as far as communications he has always been quick to reply. Send him another email or PM in case the first one missed.
  11. I will second third and fourth the motion for Liquid Lace. I beleave they have 4 sizes and 16+ colors. Here is a liguid lace tie. http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?act...amp;showid=4144
  12. I like #1 the most with the lemon wood duck but they are all good. Classic dries are what I like.
  13. Same here, if it is a fly that I want to look nice other then to fish I will use the Materelli before the Thompson. If it is going straight to the river and trees I will quite often finish by hand.
  14. Mine was a friend that sold me a rod that I did not want. He told me to take it very cheap for an expensive rod at the time. I think I paid him 30 dollars for a 100 dollar rod at the time. Told him that I was wasting my money since I do not fly fish. Don Tucker was his name and he own Tuckers Bait here in Stirling, Ont. and his reply was "Take Gary, you will fly fish" Took the rod and like I said "it collected dust in the corner for 15 plus years. During the 15 years of dust collecting my father had a friend a fly fishing person by the name of Gerry Ingles. Gerry who I only met 1 or 2 times before during the 5-6 years that I knew of him and then he past away to the better fishing grounds. A few months / weeks not sure after Gerry had died my dad gave me a fly wallet from Gerry who apparently told his wife that the wallet was to go to me when he died. "Huh" I still do not fly fish at this time and do not recall saying anything to Gerry during or short 1 or 2 visits. So now I have a fly wallet with flies, a 9 ft. 6 wieght rod sitting in the corner. One item sold to me by a past friend and the other left to me by a past friend. Well a few years go by and now I put 1 + 1 together to get 2 Now you will now need to wait for me to pass on before you will get the flyrod out of my hands. Thank you Gerry Ingles and Don Tucker for seeing into my future, I owe you two big when we meet on the other side.
  15. Like a car they will get you from A-B some will want to take the the Firefly for economy and some will take the Hummer for the prestige and possible upgrades.
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