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  1. I bought the product after reading about it on this site. It works great and stands the heat of the Caribbean sun. Easy for novices like me to produce great looking flies fast.
  2. Thanks I will try to post some pictures.
  3. Recently got a Matarelly but the legs twist with what I think is a regular size spool pushing them out of the spool holes. Am I using a wrong size spool?
  4. Thanks for the info. Sounds like is going to work. I guess that it is stiffer than Craft Fur and I do ok with CF clousers. Got a Water silk order on the way, will let you know how it worked for me. Thanks again.
  5. Have anyone had any experience with FTD's Water Silk. I am looking for a deer hair / craft fur substitute for tying Closers. Thanks
  6. Hi; Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Fernando, I am from Puerto Rico. Been fishing most of my life 99% saltwater but love any kind of fishing. Took over flyfishing again and more seriously than ever. Been lurking for a while and learned a lot from you guys so I decided to join to share, keep learning and contribute with whatever I can. Hope to be welcomed to the site.
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