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  1. Got the flies today!.. All I can say is Awesome!
  2. Three hours every Thursday night and four hours over the weekend for me. I wish I had more time to ty.
  3. I'm in! Anyone care if I put on weed guards? (mono) (I do with my own because of where I fish) :crazy:
  4. I'm not a fan of my Peak vise. There are two things that really bother me about it. I really dont like the locking mech and it stinks that rotary lock screw is plastic. Of'course you can buy brass ones from Peak. I hate crap like that.... its just like when you buy certain cars and they don't come with floor mats. Some wise guy figured out how to save his company money. Don't get me wrong, for the price its a good vise, but I do plan to buy a replacement. Im looking at an HMH Spartan. Chris Sorry, I just read your post above and see that you already got your new vise.. Congrats!
  5. Well, I decided to try a clauser minnow after taking a break from them. I've been working on a few other fly (practice, practice). Here are a few things that I have added thanks to the suggestions previously posted. Red and White bucktail on a 2/0 with mono weed guard. 1. Less Bucktail 2. Smaller diameter head (thanks to less bucktail) 3. Shorter nose (like that better) 4. Shorter use of thread on the body (like that better then the full body) 5. No flash (forgot it) 6. Red thread rather then white on the main body (just for giggles) All in all I really enjoy tying these little minnows. Thanks again for all the previous posts. Very helpful.
  6. Swiss Straw (first time using it).
  7. Tonight I'm working on crayfish. I just found a new pattern and I've been experimenting. Is it ok to add photos with this topic? (as I add one anyway. ) Chris
  8. Thanks for the link. I was impressed with all of the minnows.... but I really liked the Baby Bass. Here is the picture by fishyfranky. Thanks, Chris
  9. Thanks a lot! That kind of feedback is what I was looking for. One more question if I may: What should the length of the tail be(the hair body of the bait fish, after the hook)? Im pretty happy with it, but for the size hook, the tail looks long to me. Also, id be interested in seeing others' Clauser Minnow. Thank again! Chris
  10. Hello, Please take a look at my Clauser Minnow. I have a few questions about this one that I tied. I did research on web and found a variety of tying instructions. Question 1: Is the nose too long? (placement of the eyes) Question 2: Is crystal flash need? (required for original) Question 3: Is the thread wrapped too far back on the body? Question 4: Should the thread (white) match the body base (underside of minnow)? Question 5: Head cement or no head cement? Now I understand that there are endless patterns and I can make whatever I want. I just would like to learn the correct (original) way first. Thanks in advance! Chris
  11. Thank you both! Ya, the picture was the little guys first fish. I put an Adams on with a shot and a bobber on his Scooby Doo pole he got for his 3rd birthday. We are working on the reel release but timing at that age is difficult. By the way.. I've been looking for a fishing buddy. Is there a place (forum) here where I can post?. Or do you have any other suggestions where to look? (I joined my local TU, but they don't meet for another month. Thanks! Wilhelm Tell
  12. Greetings! I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Chris and I'm pretty new to forums. I recently got back into fly fishing because I want to have my kids experience fishing. I'm married to my best friend Melissa and I have two boys, Camden 3 years and Julian 8 Months today. I decided to improve my rusty casting skills and contacted my local fly shop. They didn't have any casting classes but offered a free fly tying class. The last thing I thought I would do is ty flies. Well, to make a long story short, I did it once and have not looked back.... I am very excited about participating in this forum and look forward to meeting people with the same interests. by the way, I am having trouble uploading a picture to my profile... I keep getting this error: ------------------------------------------ Warning: do_photo(../includes/classes/thumbnail_create.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/willmull/public_html/sources/lib/usercp_functions.php on line 197 Warning: do_photo(../includes/classes/thumbnail_create.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/willmull/public_html/sources/lib/usercp_functions.php on line 197 Warning: do_photo(): Failed opening '../includes/classes/thumbnail_create.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/willmull/public_html/sources/lib/usercp_functions.php on line 197 xxxxxx ------------------------------------------ I've reduced the picture size and tried different file types... no luck.. Thanks in advance, Wilhelm Tell (Chris)
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