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  1. I am pushing it, man I tell ya. Works sucks. Addy please
  2. This fly is for Barred surf perch
  3. I have fished the heck out of this rod for 4 or 5 years or so. the finish is peeling off. It is a name brand, with life time warranty. this is my go to rod, I love this thing, I dont really want to send it in. Can I fix it some how from getting worse?
  4. Love the trash can in the table
  5. Thats the problem with common names, Sempervivum is probley what you guys are talkin about, very cold hardy succlent.
  6. Looks great, I am going to buld a rod, been wanting to for years. you made sound very eazy. I just might start with a kit too.The best rod I ever had was a 5' 6'' 00 wt. for bush wackin' small free stone creeks in Big Sur, but I busted it two years ago.
  7. Steve, you just have not evolved yet, thats cool. If everybody liked the same stuff the world would be bland. It is good just to get your hands in the dirt.I bet it is good haveing color after all the snow, it does snow at your place right? you would like my wifes yard(we bolth love plants we split up the yard I get the front she the back) maby I will post some pics, if you guys want. flowers do livein up the day
  8. mike, the plant to the left in the pot is Crokia cotoneaster. The 'cascade' is a dwarf blue cedar.I got it in really sad shape, it is starting to pop out of it, it is gona look cool hanging out of the rocks. The black pine I have been training it for about 15 years or so. Thanks for digin' on my stuff.
  9. This is what eles I do besides fishing stuff and that four letter word, work. I am really In to succlents. Some pics of my little yard's rock garden's Black pine bonsai Cedrus Lebani glacua pendula, rare Cedar I spend most of my time out doors. If I am at home and the sun is up, I will most likey be messin' in the yard
  10. Tie on about 3 hook eye back.I am use TMC 811s #4 hooks Dazel-eyes black 7/32, Take three pices of kystal flash, half it, tie in. Three silli legs, again half it tie in. I use a dub brush on this fly but you can use a dub loop. Wrap the dub brush forward to eyes comb out dubbing Tie in marabou under wing With two pices of flash tie over the wing.Wrap dubbing brush around eyes and comb out. Tie in two sili legs half them tie rearward over eyes. with a saddle hackle or schlappen, thats is what i use for this color. Plamer forward while pulling the fibers back.wrap to hook eye. Whip finish and trim flash and legs.Brush out and blend dubbing wing and hackle. I did an sand crab color one My surf fly The Chewy, fish like to chew them up and it is hairy like Chewbacca.
  11. Jim, I will post a step by step of my goto surf fly, I 'll post in saltwater tying, topic Cali surf fly. Very fishie pattern.
  12. JimR, You should hit the surf, so much fun never know what you will hook up with.Check out fliflicker, a So Cal surf fly fishing Board. It is great lots of cool pepole in your area. I fish the surf up in San Luis Obispo, I fish the surf a lot it is free and in our back yards.I REALLY want to help spread the word about Cali. surf fly fishing. There is not anything like it in the fly fishing world., I would love to show you how I do my Thing in the surf. After a while you will start thinking less about far off trout rivers and more about the next tide.
  13. Get Some! I think it is so cool that so many are goin' after so many kinds of fish. I dont even know what half of those fish are you guys are getting back east and in the South. I wana get on some of that.
  14. Star wars and fly fishing, YES!! Love the rod, That thing is slick, must be as light as a feather.I would like to see the reel more too.Thanks for sharein'.
  15. Ya, I here ya, I Dont really have any good trout around my area. Who needs trout anyway, When you got golden bones. Fish for what you have at home, that is how you get time on the water. I love dreamin' about Montana and Mexico and Alaska and... But use what you got.
  16. Thinkin' bout how many kinds of fish we all have caught and released on the fly. I am on 22 total: Fresh weter -Trout -Rainbow -Golden (Cali) -Brown -Brook -Large mouth Bass -blue gill -Red ear sun fish -Crappie -Sac river pike minnow -carp -Sqaw fish Salt water - kelp bass -lincod -halibut -Lepard shark -Shovel nose gutair fish -Barred surf perch -Wall eye surf perch -Jack smelt -Mackrel -White croker -greenling Still lots of new fish to target. Stripers and Corbina are on the list to get this year. I would like to here about all the kinds of fish you are all getting in to.
  17. Looks like you got the carp bug as bad as me right now.Those are lookin' mighty purdy. Very similar to what I am tying for the carp swap.your carp vid is cool looks like a fun place to fish, sorry if I am wrong but, you are in Ohio? looks very nice, a little cold for this California surf bum. How long untill the carp fishing slows down in your neck of the woods? I got till mid october or so before they go night night for the winter.
  18. Check out Tim Rajeff's Youtube video, I think it is on youtube, The video is on load and power. He shows how the rod bend at diffrent points on diffrent tapers. I thought it was cool.
  19. Gezz.. 16 species in one year, I'm on 17 species, only in 25 years. Good job, I wanta hook up with a pike on the fly. Whene I was about 13 or so I went to Minnesota with my grandpa, we got pike and I got one large musky, I still recall that day well. Way to go wayne, What others you goin for?
  20. You should had a bolth box to check. I use a ceramic for thread And a metal one for wire.
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