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  1. Wow, I wish I could tie something like that. Great job... It looks great.
  2. I voted over 18, but on average when I go fishing its usually 90% for rainbow trout.
  3. A Drake rod would be good, they are in your price range and I personally love them. http://www.russellsformen.com/quarrow-drake-big-horn-5-weight-graphite-fly-rod-and-reel/p/QUA-4319/
  4. Is that lake up in Britsh Columbia, by Kamloops? If so that would be sweet cuz I go up there every summer for a week to fish.
  5. Hello, I am from Northwest Washington and I'm an outdoorsman. I just started flyfishing a few years back now and I need some tips and just somewhere to talk about what I love to do. I also just started to tie flies on my extra time.. They are not the best but I know the basics of it all. I need new patterns to try, if anybody knows some simple patterns please send me a message of what it is called and I will try my best to tie it. Flyfishing isn't my main focus right now because the golf season isn't over so don't be mad at me if I don't get back to you right away. Thanks for reading this, hope to talk later with you all. Thanks.
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