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  1. Vicrider you are number two. What TC are you tying?
  2. I loved the idea of twelve patterns picked by the swapmeister. I will do that sometime. Funny and inventive
  3. Flytire - Great ideas. I started one based on your suggestions. I hope you join. Thanks for the ideas.
  4. Great step by step http://www.flyanglersonline.com/flytying/fotw2/071105fotw.php
  5. Stolen idea from Flytire. I have been observing your great tying in July flies from the vise, please join. DUE DATE SEPTEMBER 15th I love Thundercreek streamers, always have. I tie them sparse on Mustad or Eagle Claw Abereen long shank cricket hooks. Trout love them. I have chatted with plenty of fishermen on the Davidson, The Tuck, Montana and all over the Catskills and rarely see a TC streamer. So you will baffle the fish in your area for a while. This streamer besides being under utilized, it can be tied from a size 12 to a 2 and draw fish from your favorite run or pool. Only Thundercreek streamers. A common flaw in tying this is using a hook that is too short. Fishermen complain about the pattern produces short strikes. Poorly tied flies produce short strikes. The other is using too much material. This is a pretty good representation of the original style. Twelve tiers. 1. Troutguy - Blacknose dace - simple old school recipe brown deer, black bear and white deer hair, tinsel body with hand painted eyes 2 Vicrider RECEIVED 3 Stabgnid RECEIVED 4 jmckaughan RECEIVED 5 fishinorhuntin RECEIVED 6 ADD147 RECEIVED 7 PJ2 NO FLIES YET 8 Eastern Fly RECEIVED 9 PHG RECEIVED 10 Elusive Fishing RECEIVED
  6. Living in South Carolina near the Chattooga and having a friend who looks like Ned Beatty............I am not a fan of the banjo.
  7. You probably see that I switched flies. I went with the real traditional Cahill.
  8. Mikechell relax you live in Florida. There are always bodies.
  9. Mikechell there is a semi-vicious rumor that you did not start playing Pokemon until all the news reports of dead bodies found by players.
  10. Vicrider I was traveling for work, but I truly appreciated the baitfish hair. It is cool. Thanks. Edited - I posted after your post I see. Thanks again. Great surprise
  11. Mmmmm, so people here are connasewers not connoisseurs of fly tying videos?
  12. Another Dark Cahill front and side view.
  13. Sorry Joel gotta vote here.....we may have a winner
  14. Isn't Mikechell playing Pokemon endangering the driving public enough. While I'm driving I try not to tie small flies cause I can't see them and drive well at my age. Seriously, never the car, but tying while camping has always been a great pleasure. I have seen some really nice stream side tying kits. I like the steering wheel board. Before 911 while flying I saw a passenger tie on a plane. Can't do that anymore.
  15. Breambuster mine are in mail making the LOOOOOONG trip to your house. I changed my fly to a Dark Cahill. I posted one of my rejects in the July Vise thread. I hope you find the ones you get are better.
  16. Faded banjo in and out will not help a zebra midge reach the million view mark... I don't think there are any fly tying videos with a million views. But the ones with no music, or no talking (music videos) generally get under 5k views for entire years or longer. But again, just my observation and I could be wrong. I get a decent amount of views especially since my channel has only been up for 7 or so months. But I'll be the first to admit it's probably not because I tie he best flies in the world. Personally I think it's cause I put effort into the videos. I edit them, put some music, make them quick and to the point. Dont get me wrong, I tie decent flies, but I'm no where near as good as Davey M. Or any of the other guys that have been doing this for multiple decades. Heck I'm only 33 years old, I cannot clams to be as good as these other guys that have been doing it longer than I've been alive. I'm quite sure I would stop getting as many views if I stopped putting as much effort into making the vodeos. No it's not just banjo fading in and out, or the fact that my videos are short, or the fact that I keep the fly in focus, or the fact that I am close up on the fly with a plain background, maybe it's just the fact that the videos are decent quality in a whole. It's all those put together and more? In my opinion, it's all about the fly. If it's interesting, people will tune in. Other than that, it's about remaining in focus, having good lighting, and that's it. = 12,000 views. No music other than a quick intro. That video was published a while back. 12k views is pretty sad. "Published on Nov 17, 2014" SO thats almost 2 years old, at least 1.5 years. Thats about 6-7k views/year. - Thats one of mine, with 4750 views and it was published 4 months ago. Thats on track for 12k views each year. And that one has music. Im not saying that its better, what Im saying is that its all about preference. You like no music, some want music. That video you posted is good as well. Im not saying anything bad about it. Im only saying that the versatility of videos online is a good thing. Different strokes for different folks. There are lots of video's I don't watch, or skip past. Some of which are quite popular. But its because they aren't my style, or a type of fly I'm interested in tying. Just skip past the ones you don't like. It is what it is. I do have a question for you, Whats the point of trying to have a "bigger viewcount" argument? Especially with the FFF guys who have a legitimate business and killer content? In all honesty, you sound like someone who doesn't know how to handle an online presence in regards to trying to grow a website, business, or channel on YouTube. Quit being a prick to people when they respond to things you say. Its not about the music, its about the person and their attitude. Take your own advice. "Just skip past the ones you don't like. It is what it is. " I'm not trying to be a "prick" to anyone. I even said that there video was good, and I have nothing bad to say about it. Read what I say before you come down on me. I'm actually quite a nice guy, and I'm having a decent conversation. Not an argument... I'm not the one saying bad about anyone's videos here. Others however have completely trashed my vodeos in what they say. If anyone is being a "prick" it's some others, not me. McFly I don't know any of these people posting. I don't have any fly tying videos. I was reading this chuckling away, some I found grade school funny and other comments I agreed with. I was not planning on posting. Your compliments to Cheech seemed snarky and maybe backhanded. Maybe I'm reading it wrong. Not being familiar with your videos other than it seems many times you post one either the administrators comment or someone gives it a bad review and you take all your fly tying toys and go home again. I honestly never felt like following the link to your videos. This time, I watched a couple of your videos and a couple of Curtis Fry. I have watched his in the past. Your tying style seems basic and to your credit you are pushing your fly selection beyond your skill and comfort zone. People that continue to push themselves either become good golfers or they learn the craft of fly tying.......... You tend to crowd your heads and seemed to be less skillful than some of the other tiers I have watched. You aren't the worst tier, but I wouldn't seek out your videos for instructional purposes. Your strengths seem to be behind the camera, in editing or filming rather than a tier. I laughed so hard about beards, music, cups, etc, but, the audience is always right. I too am puzzled by the ego of counts. Is this a money market? I occasionally use a throw net to catch bait for large blues. I watch this video on youtube every time to get the throw net steps down. It has been up since Moses was fishing and it doesn't have 2K in hits. This is a tough crowd, especially when you become the self appointed best, or criticism bothers you. There are dozens upon dozens of other self appointed experts here, many, many of them in fact and some are real legitimate leaders and artists in the field. Join some swaps and enjoy the site instead of making us your test subjects. I often tie what I think is my best or at least a pretty good "whatever" and I am all too often humbled by the dozen flies I get back.
  17. Shrimp that I tied for sea trout, small blues and pompano. The bass, sunfish and crappie love this fly.
  18. Mine arrived. Thanks all and thanks for the baitfish hair. Cool color.
  19. What was the bass tourney book Hiaasen wrote? Lol. Double Whammy R.J. Decker, star tenant of the local trailer park and neophyte private eye is fishing for a killer. Thanks to a sportsman's scam that's anything but sportsmanlike, there's a body floating in Coon Bog, Florida -- and a lot that's rotten in the murky waters of big-stakes, large-mouth bass tournaments. Here Decker will team up with a half-blind, half-mad hermit with an appetite for road kill; dare to kiss his ex-wife while she's in bed with her new husband; and face deadly TV evangelists, dangerously seductive women, and a pistol-toting redneck with a pit bull on his arm. And here his own life becomes part of the stakes. For while the "double whammy" is the lure, first prize is for the most ingenious murder. (FROM AMAZON ihang10) Hey Mike Chell..........not Jason Bourne, but R. J. Decker would be acceptable. i was thinking more of the former Governor of Florida Skink.........
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