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  1. Sparkle brown and gray caddis. I encourage you to please say a Novena for the package.
  2. I’m late. Dropping in mail tomorrow. My gift for Santa should keep me off the naughty list.
  3. This is my 2,000 post FishingBob. I was fishing caddis dries in GSMP last weekend. Wild Browns and Rainbows we’re loving them.
  4. Great flies guys. All well tied. Thanks Bob for including me. I hope you feel better.
  5. Opened my envelope and no flies. Just this...
  6. Bob Our friends wanted to go out for Mexican. There are loads of authentic great places. They chose Charanda, a chain. There was an Asian chef and kitchen manager. Not a single Latino or a Latina to be found. That was a good carnitas......... not from Charanda.
  7. Thank you Bob Nelson! Great swap and thank you for the extras! GREAT flies everyone! Vicrider thank you for the compliment. They do work very well in slow deep pools.
  8. LOL That was quick. Actually I mailed them from from Concord, NC the home of NSCAR. The stains were real, I managed to score a Popeyes chicken sandwich. No fights in line and they weren't sold out. The hype is well worth it. Hope you like the odd extras.
  9. Something that Mark Knapp posted. "We don't have snakeheads." Bowfin are not snakeheads. They are often confused and some people think they are the same fish. They do look similar, but they are not the same. https://www.njfishandwildlife.com/images/fishing/invasives/invasive_snakehead.gif We have both in South Carolina. Sankeheads should be killed according to our DNR. They ask to make sure that you don't kill native Bowfin. In Montana while night fishing I caught burbot. My fishing partner thought I was nuts until I steamed them and served them with melted butter. Burbot taste better than pike IMHO
  10. There was a huge Hoechst Celanese plant was in Rock Hill, SC. It smelled like vinegar from time to time. They made acetate fiber. I have quite a bit of old Herters floss. I used to have the can of nymph solvent too. The colors are still better than today. Even treated, the floss developed a translucence when wet that you don't see with new materials.
  11. Yes. I would like caddis for Christmas. Thanks Bob for the invite. I would like to try something I saw years ago. A cased caddis with a real sand body.
  12. I would go with Art Flick "Streamside Guide" or Mike Valla "Tying Catskill Style Dry Flies", but there are many other great ones.
  13. This is a great source. Used books from the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum http://books.cffcm.com/
  14. Steeldrifter I love my Korkers. They may be older than you. Bought them in 1977 or 78 in Pulaski, NY, you tie them over your boots, but only a roll of duct tape keeps them on.
  15. I bought several pair of Hodgman cheaper breathable waders. They kept leaking I would buy another pair. Went in Davidson River Fly shop ( don't work for them, not frequent customer). I was fishing, it was cold, I was wet. thankfully I had spare clothing. I went to buy cheap and the young guy said, "You fish a lot, why keep buying cheap?" I am really hard on shoes and clothing. They guy talked me in to buying expensive Patagonia stocking foot waders. They have a weird suspender system. I did not like it. I learned to love it. They are over twenty years old. They have outlasted four pair of shoes. For the last three years I have been using a Simms shoe I bought in Columbus, MT when my Field and Stream shoes failed. I hung on two pair of the Hodgman waders. I always figured that I would find all the leaks and repair the missing flaked off silver linings. At a fly fishing meeting I told the story. A guy said Hodgman had a problem and that they made good on a lot of waders. I sent these old waders back to Coleman and the replaced them. I have told many people about the great customer service. I use the Hodgman when it is real brushy. I keep a set with my emergency fishing equipment in my Jeep. Go to a shop and try them. Go to TU of FFI and ask, or here. Borrow a pair. Duck hunting I use rubber, heavy boot footed waders. So many patches, it looks like the ducks shoot back. Fishing, I like light weight, but very durable boot foot. My Patagonias are the best, but I can't knock Hodgman either. The Simms shoes are comfortable and well made. My favorite are the Hodgman canvas with felt soles. I rip the soles off in two years. The rock in North carolina and South Carolina seem more unforgiving than New York or Vermont.
  16. Why would someone leave feedback or post on here about something that they are not even considering to buy on another site? I am truly baffled.
  17. FishingBobNelson I had to look that pattern up. Nice fly. If anyone no shows or has to cancel, please keep me in mind. Sorry I missed this one. If you have a no show, Have Bob message me on FB.
  18. Davie McPhail has the best video on it.....as usual.
  19. Nope, no trout in North Carolina or South Carolina. Nothing to see here Yankee. Keep moving....... https://www.ncpaws.org/wrcmapbook/FishingAreas.aspx
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