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  1. I have crabs...........and Redfish are the only cure. I figured with that topic, Mikechell will see that and respond first. OK the Redfish are in the creeks. I need to get down to Charleston area to fish them. They love crabs this time of the year. Work has been crazy, I need some time to regroup. I have tied up a few penny sized crustaceans to beat the water with.
  2. Hey Bob, did you mean to send me a Powerball ticket for tonight's drawing and a taco wrapper from Chando's ? Thank you for hosting. Nice flies everyone. Some very fishable flies here.
  3. https://ronsfishing.com/2014/11/05/squirmy-worms/ Norm do you know him? https://ronsfishing.com/2015/03/04/squirmy-and-spermy-worms/
  4. another old turkey hunter disappears while hunting in the Georgia woods.
  5. My traveling kit requires a Sherpa........
  6. FishingBobNelson can you weigh in on your opinion of the South Carolina Postal Offices?
  7. Well I got to meet Breambuster. True to South Carolina culture we met a a fireworks superstore. Nice chewing the fat with you. You epitomize southern gentleman.
  8. Breambuster call me. I am going to Great Falls need to change meet
  9. So I get home from work today, late as usual it seems lately and wow there is a surprise in the mail box. I find a package. Cool I am waiting for a tee shirt from NADDI. It must be here. I open it and it is a lovely package of hair's ear parachutes. I'm not running a swap. I have just joined the first swap in weeks. Thanks JBurge. Thank goodness he is so organized so I could find the right swap quickly. Breambuster, are you coming to Rock Hill by any chance Saturday? If not send me your address. I will get them out Monday.
  10. Flytying where simple problems can always have a complicated solution
  11. Some folks Flytire would tie better muddlers if they used your deer....... they could do a video....... Mikechell http://www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/will-driverless-cars-mean-less-roadkill-180957103/
  12. Can you get faux bucktail roadkill?
  13. Plastic baseball card box of appropriate height. I use Avery clear labels and print my name, the trout avatar and address. I hot glue a black high density foam strip or two to hold the flies. All of mine are gifts. I give mine away to friends, people who are just starting out and raffle prizes for the Carolina Fly Fishing Club. You need to be honest about your price and quality of your product. Are you appealing to the less than a dollar a fly crowd, then pack as cheap as you can. If your flies are art you want to package them in a manner that makes you proud to sell them.
  14. Great flies. Thank you for running another great swap.
  15. I have built twelve various bamboo rods from Angler's Roost. I only had one bad blank and he accepted it back and replaced it no questions. I started with the kit. I replaced the reel seat after about a year. It worked ok, I didn't like how it looked. Ferrules are $33 for nickel silver. You can get chrome plated brass for $4. Nicole silver ferrules need to be sanded to fit. The quality is as good or better than others I have tried. The male ferrule has to be sanded down to achieve proper fit to the female. The agate guides are good quality. Building a bamboo rod requires finding the spline, sanding the ferrules, sanding and fitting the ferrules to the rod and wrapping. It is more of a challenge than wrapping a graphite blank. I use two sizes smaller diameter silk thread to wrap. When I wrap a graphite after doing a bamboo it feels like I'm using rope to wrap the rod. I like the Payne tapers.
  16. Roadkill legal here. Except birds of prey and song birds. I have always picked up some good finds. I hunt, but I only kill what I will eat. I don't care for squirrel so I never shoot them. I pick roadkill squirrels whenever I run low.
  17. Jungle cock is legal in USA if it was raised here or if it is old and imported before the ban. If you live in the US what you may possess also varies state to state. In South Carolina I can shoot doves. They make great flies. In NY there is no dove season. They are a protected species. Protected species may vary by where you live.
  18. Vicrider my guess at Norm's file is a striped Rhode Island Red hackle
  19. Thanks for the invite BB. Work and other stuff has kept me away. Just saw your invite yesterday. Glad swap is full. BreamBuster are you aware of this local club http://cffc.memberlodge.com/ Great group for you to meet some local fly fishers.
  20. Just sending mine out tomorrow. I will use priority to get them to you. Size 18 BWO
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