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  1. I would imagine during the day you would only catch the dumb hatchery trout or scare every fish out of a pool with one. Brown trout are nocturnal. Your little trout stream that produces 8 to 14 inchers also has some 20 inch plus monsters that only come out at night. In NC where I fish, most trout streams are closed to fishing after dark. I think two or three are open after dark. I miss night fishing. Big browns like mice, crawfish, moths, minnows, snakes, etc. I don't often fish gurglers for saltwater, but I am sure they would work. They push water. I prefer a #2 muddler hybrid.
  2. It looks very well machined. Cool looking vise. Every detail looks perfect. Funny how from the previous comments we all value different stuff. I would never spend that much on a vise, but a bamboo fly rod........ Interesting, if you smoke the average pack of cigarettes a day and quit and you live in the United States, you could buy two of those vises with the saved spending from your vice. Good luck with that great vise.
  3. Mikechell http://www.sc-democrat.com/news/08August/29/news.htm http://www.recordonline.com/article/20070814/NEWS/708140314 I would imagine that fly fishing would be relatively wide open.
  4. Does anyone know Elusive.Fishing? I have sent him several messages and received no response. I guess he dropped out.
  5. OK crazy work day yesterday at new job. I got three packages Stabgnid - thank you for the extras PHG thank you for the extras Fishinorhuntin - thank you for the extras
  6. Mikechell my friends son and daughter have spent several years at McMurdo Base in Antarctica as firefighters. I can get you info on how to go.
  7. Mine came. Thanks all. Crazy work schedule, did not post earlier
  8. Dear Lord why do I attract these types?
  9. OK I think we tell administration to throw this guy out!!!! WE tie too many flies????? WHAT next we limit the amount of tying materials or GASP fishing equipment????? Ladies and gentlemen we have a heretic among us. This is blasphemy!!!
  10. DrVette two guys sold you the proverbial Brooklyn Bridge. Did they also have a 007 license?
  11. I am apparently not the sharpest hook in the box. I Googled Kaplooie fly..........................
  12. I have two Brittanies that are great hunters. I often get many birds. I waste nothing. I eat the meat from the birds, feed the innards to my chickens and grind the carcass for the dogs. I skin and borax every bird I shoot, duck, quail, woodcock, ruffed grouse (I shoot very few of these they are rare in the south) or shore birds. I used to pick up legal roadkill. I only do now if it something awesome. My Grandfather was a fly fisherman at the turn of the 1900's. He always said that the color of the mayflies, stoneflies and caddis were related to the streamside flowers and animals of the area. I have heard that often from old timers. I bought some new hens. Three are Ameracuanas. They have great feather variations. I look forward to some selective plucking.
  13. Vicrider always troublesome. First you get Flytire to become Flytired working the toilet. Now this.
  14. They have arrived. Thank you for the extras
  15. My set arrived yesterday too. Funny Bob Nelson you complain, constantly about the South Carolina Pony Express and your flies and mine arrived the same day..............Hey that's probably not good. Thanks BB. Great swap. Nice flies all.
  16. Tie ten and you get one of yours back.
  17. Seriously Flytire do you have time? Is the toilet fixed? I'm telling Vicrider
  18. OMG no offense taken!!!!!!!!!!! I saw you second post after I posted, but I still would have called you......COLD LOL I am running a swap for Thundercreek streamers and trying to fill it. I love the challenge of the Hatchery Run on the Davidson. I have heard cursing and observed rods thrown. I love to fish behind someone who thinks they are an expert. One trick I will publicly talk about is when fishing a hole that has those huge post breeder trout that have seen everything, follow a guy that puts down every midge, nymph, small dry, san juan gardener or whatever. Tie on a #2 muddler minnow or a large sculpin head and slap it on the water. Let it sit and count to ten and retrieve. Especially in the Fall it brings out the predatory nature, not hunger. Hey Cold and LesG I am deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeply offended by your offensive comments. I will never accept your apologies unless you fill up my Thundercreek swap. LOL
  19. OK so who wants to tie Thundercreeks?
  20. WOW Cold.......that is...well, you know.....COLD. No I am offering instruction and free flies to someone in a swap I organized to get other swap members. It is called bribery. I don't want flies. I tie too many as it is. Cheech don't make it more complicated then it needs to be. The fly is pretty well thought out for its pupose. It fools very selective trout. The ultra or micro chenile needs to be held in a flame first, Trim the melted part back a bit, so it isn't noticeable. If you don't, the chenile unwinds. Doug Swisher and Carl Richards worked to make low floating natural profile Mayflies in the 1970's and this is a prodigy of their ideas. The dubbing makes the fly sit wrong in the water. So does adding to much hackle. In still water I tie a wrap or a wrap and a half of hackle. Going a size larger on the hackle gives the fly a better surface tension. Simple very effective fly that floats low, easy to mend and gives you a long natural bug and a long natural drift. Be careful of the head size as well. The hook is an older Mustad size 12. More of an egg hook than a caddis or scud type. The large hook bend acts as a better keel yet keeps the hook small and unobtrusive. The post could even be a bit of bright egg yarn if you have trouble seeing the fly in the glare. The trouble with parachute flies is they are commonly tied with too much stuff and they sit funny on the surface. For a fly designed to get rid of drama on the Davidson River, this has certainly added drama to this thread, LOL. Or have we taken ourselves too serious on this site?
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