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  1. Doing some balsa wood poppers. I am working on painting them
  2. Mine should be there Tuesday or Wednesday, mailed them off a little late.
  3. Ok, I sent my flies on Tuesday and I just got home today to find my package that I sent in the mailbox, returned to me with a note that I have to repackage and fill out a form. Sorry, I will repackage and fill out the form and put tem backbone he mail.
  4. Mine will be in the mail tomorrow so you should get them on Tuesday.
  5. I started a little late on these, but I almost have them done. A few more and I will send them out.
  6. Flies arrived with Blane this morning.
  7. Sorry everyone got sick and hadn't made it out of the house. Flys are on their way just dropped them off.
  8. Sounds interesting! If you will have me I am in
  9. Everything I have used for trout, have been a huge hit with panfish.
  10. Evan, very nice! Mine are done and ready to go.
  11. I have a few left on my #10 spruce flies.
  12. Utyer, Use one almost exactly like that on the white river in Arkensas and killed them with it.
  13. Everyone I such acomplished tyers! Hope one day my flies look half as good as some of these.
  14. Got a jump start on February's flies #10 spruce flies.
  15. This is not mine.... You know you tie to much when an older man asks most of the people he meets if they have little girls so he can ask for their old flip flops to make popper bodies. When you go halvsies with your best friend just so you can get all the different types of materials you want. When 80% or the whole of at least one of your pay checks is devoted to buying hooks or materials. When everyone in your cell phone knows not to call you at certain times if the day cause you are busy tyin and you will not answer your phone. When you have a special playlist on your iTunes just for tying. And when you have more tying material than you have clothes, shoes, or makeup.
  16. Handed my flies in to Blane today at lunch. Hope that everyone enjoys.
  17. Meeting up with Blane on Monday and handing my #22 sow bugs.
  18. Just handed my flies over to Blane.
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