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  1. You can still get the real McCoy from "The Book Mailer", which was Gary's site. It can be found here: http://www.thebookmailer.com/Supplies/SparkleYarn.html Gnatman
  2. Micromet, What I would suggest, is after tying in 3 or 4 herls by their tips at the bend of the hook, use floss or dubbing to build up the body before overwrapping the herls. Gnatman
  3. Gnatman

    Hickory Shad

    jigerjim, You must not have been down lately. The hicks are back just like they were in the 60's, and I have had 100+ fish days there every year for the last 8-10 years. The much larger American (white) shad are back in great numbers as well, but you need full sinking lines to get down to them, and a boat is really helpful due to the high springtime flows which preclude wading out far enough to make a backcast. Deer Creek is heavily fished by the flyrod brigade, and arriving early is a MUST to get a good spot. If interested in giving it a shot, shoot me a PM and maybe we can hook up next spring. Tight lines 'n screamin' reels, Gnatman
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