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  1. This fly looks awesome, can definitely see some hawgs getting assassinated by this one
  2. I think this is a great topic as a beginner I have questions too, I wanna try to to do some bass poppers and all I have here is bucktail that I was using for some clousers will this work to spin some poppers or do I need to purchase something else?
  3. Thanks for all the info, I understand the sewing thread is no good from your comments but i'm not sure what size thread I should be getting for future projects( I tie alot of bass bugs and streamers)?
  4. I got a question that I'm hoping some of you more experienced tyers can help me with. I got a fly tying kit for my birthday and have used it alot and now I've seen some flies in magazines that I wanna tie and they need different color thread than what I have. So my question is do I buy a sprecial type of thread thru J stockard or can i buy sewing thread from the fabric/craft stores?
  5. Thanks for all the info guys I really appreciate the help. Kirk those flies are awesome looking
  6. I have not been fly fishing long but I primarily fish for bass, I have tried tying my own flieswith some success and caught some on some on wooly worms and clouser minnow variations that I tied. I use a baitcaster alot and know bass are suckers for crankbaits this time of year. So my question is are there any flies that can imitate a crankbait with the diving, the wobble, or the rattle that a crank bait produces? Thanks for any help I can get.
  7. I read an article on Fly Tyer Magazines website, about fishing North Carolina's OBX and the Wabbit Thing was mentioned as an effect fly for there. Was wondering if anyone had ever tied it or used it or lead me to somewhere that I can find itso I can tie it and try it out. I looked it up on google and can't find it so think it might have another name. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.
  8. Hi, I'm new to the forum and pretty new to fly tying. I'm traveling to the Outer Banks of NC in late august was wondering if someone could suggest some flies that i could easily tie or any suggestions would help. Thanks
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