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  1. hey there, i recently gotten into spey fishing and have been fishing alot of bird/rabbit flies but want to learn how to tie marabou into my patterns. A. do yea make a dubbing loop and apply the marabou in the loop? B.tie it in like yea would rabbit strip and let it hang naturaly?
  2. hey there, well ive just started fishing this river for steelies and was wonderin if anyone out there knows of a few good patterns to use, im not going after the sore backs (spring run chinook) just the steelhead!! so far ive been using krystal glo balls with a peice of egg veil, ive also tried swinging green butt skunks as well, but to no avail, yea i know the run is horiable this year, but like fishing for steelhead so thats why im fishing this river...
  3. hey all hows it going, just found this site or should i say forum via looking for a fly (skating october caddis) well im just now trying to get back into flyfishing...even though i work for a major company that deals with flyfishing (no im not saying who either)..I was born into flyfishing and well just got burned out 'bout 4 years ago, but now trying to make a come back into the sport so nice to be welcomed to the site and tightlines everyone...
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