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  1. Try the Moorish Mouse pattern, deer hair and foam, can't beat that combo..
  2. OHHH Damn!! sorry about that guys and gals I had no idea!!Glad I got mine before, and this may explain why I have not seen them in Totem lately. But and there is always a but - there does seem to be alternatives..
  3. Try this web site it has the company and if no joy then try Google - Unfinished Furniture.. http://www.1unfinishedfurniture.com/ Just found another http://www.finish-ithome.com/commerce/product.jsp?prodId=176&catId=31 I've been searching the web with no luck of finding where to order. If you have any info I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, go catch a fish, Gary
  4. They are American made, "Whittier" they are a DIY easy build.. with casters.. I bought them here in Canada at Totem Hardware store.. Thanks for all the complements.. ..
  5. Here is one of my favorite foam patterns from early spring to late fall..
  6. You have got to get yourself one of these and then the dog will leave you alone as long as you do not try to sit in it at the same time!!!
  7. WOW to be able to fish a river for the next fifty years and learn the fish by name and features would be great. I am wondering why you fish with barbed flys. It would be easier to C&R the fish for future C&R with barbless flys. Less damage to the fish and therefore they are less fly shy the next time? Only a question, not a judgement - well OK a little bit of a judgement but I can and will get over it! I wish our Browns here in SWAB were as plentiful and beautiful as yours.
  8. Well I have sent flies all over the states and Europe, and have not had anything go missing.. I am not a postie, but I did stay in several foreign countries with guns..
  9. Tie some of these and plop it down near the bank , and along seams and of course hold on to your fly rod, I have caught Browns, Bulls, Rainbows, and Cutthroats.... this fly produces all the time, best early and late in the day!!!.... http://www.flytyingforum.com/pattern9801.html
  10. Flys on the way from Project Healing Waters Canada, today.. Good luck and Tight lines to your proud American Vets..
  11. Ergonomics is the key here, as with your computer Keyboard level .. Set your vise so that when you work on the fly you are not too far above or below it and your hands are at a natural level with the fly and tools.. this is very important if you wish to stay at fly tying.. As mentioned above a task chair is great, and very good lighting, it is a great idea to get up and stretch about every half an hour, I play vinyl albums on my record player and get to change sides..
  12. I would be more then happy to participate in this, I am the Vice-president of the Project Healing Waters here in CANADA and this would be great!!
  13. Canadian Fly Fisher Mag was the Garbage Mag, it was a destination and look at me mag that did nothing for Canadian Fly Fishing unless you lived in Ontario and traveled, If you lived in the west then they exploited our rivers and with no/nil/nada regard to the environment and the local situation on the river, Canadian Fly Fisher/FlyMax is every thing that is going wrong with Canadian Fly fishing, PiZZ poor fish handling and again exploiting areas and environments that are fragile at best with NO regard to the consequences.. That maybe why you do not like Fly Fusion because it is not a destination mag and does not tell you how, when and what to dunk in a river to catch fish.. Canadian Fly Fisher was full of fluff and designed to catch the eye of the impulse buyer who likes fluff and no substance.. Rant over.. I will continue conversations on this but by PM means, if anybody cares.
  14. Hi KBranch I am originally from Saint John, grew up in Sussex and Waterford and St Martins.. Now am retired and living in Lethbridge Alberta, Fly fishing all year long, sort of cuts into my fly tying time but I will manage.. What streams and what part of NB are you from.. A Wicker born and bred by the grace of God I will be a wicker dead..
  15. -500F Change the last one to Canadian anglers get a timmies and head back out ... and you have it right... Cause them leafs are never going to win the Cup again.
  16. Rear large disk , front small disk... Shit I sound like a liberal.. :wallbash: But that is how I tye mine..
  17. OK then I can tell you the secret Tailwater flyies!!!!!! :headbang: Barrs Graphic emerger, works great here in the oldman river tailwaters, and some of the Tailwaters south of there, I am not allowed to name..
  18. fairwx = Fairweather, WX= weather in Army talk flyfish = well that is just about all I do, 95% fly fish 5% or less of the other stuff..Fly tye, hunt, husband, father, dog owner etc.. fairwxflyfish
  19. I think a skilled tyer can do a heck of a lot more on a Nor-vise then not.. But and there is always a but.... HOW DAMN SERIOUS ARE YOU ABOUT TYING FLYS.. and I guess how would you feel paying for the nor-vise and not using it because you find you do not want to tye flys .. I know that my first line will get on a few folks nerves.. that is OK.. You being a beginner at fly tying will most likely pick up the Nor-vise techniques very quickly and do extremely well.. Not being corrupted by other vises, or techniques.. Of course I own a nor-vise, I also know that my flies are a hell of a lot better now with the N-V then when I was using my stationary vise (s) and other rotating vise (s). All the important elements of fly tying can be done better and faster with the N-V.. So it comes down to cost, lots of other vises cost a heck of a lot more and you get a heck of a lot less, and how adapt you maybe at tying flies and maybe how well you can absorb, the cost of not staying at the obsession of tying flys and having bought a Nor-vise.. Test it out, watch the videos, go to a fly tying club or show, sit down at one and see what you think.. then enjoy your choice no mater what it will be..
  20. This is one I tye up for Trout of all kinds here in SW Alberta http://www.flytyingforum.com/pattern9801.html
  21. As has been said watch the vids and you will gain a whole new understanding of Fly tying..
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