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  1. Maybe those big fish are so fast they must cool down their drag drag discs.
  2. I have the Universal Rotary #1 and #2 vises and enjoy using them. There's some good Universal information on the document in the link below. Good luck finding a no. 3 vise. I think I've heard that they only made about 100 of them. Very cool vise with a unique jaw closing system. I've only ever seen one, decades ago. I know it was near the Ken Lockwood Gorge in NJ so it could have been Shannon's fly shop in Califon but not sure. It was always set up on a tying bench there. You'll know it and remember if you ever see one because it's pretty weird. http://www.mtfa-springfield.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Universal-Rotary-Fly-Tying-Vises.pdf
  3. That's funny. I don't feel jealous. But who knows. Perhaps it's one of those repressed emotions that's not healthy for me to ignore.
  4. Loon's "Vise Pawn", sold as magnetic material clip, is only $10 - but it always looked like a whiteboard magnet to me. Nearly the same shape and easy to grab. So that's what I use. I don't need 12 or 50 of them for $10, but someone gave me one that's magnetically strong and high quality. Sold as whiteboard magnets, magnetic map pins, magnetic push pins. Over the years I've found various uses for magnets at the tying desk but now I reach for the whiteboard magnet as it's small and unobtrusive but easy to locate and grab when needed.
  5. Regarding those car-top rod vaults, I just thought of something. Because those tubes are about as long as a typical flagpole, you could probably see them in your field of vision while driving. Then you don't have to remember to not drive under any low hanging branches. Nah - I would still get them caught on something wreck the rods, my roof rack and the top of my car! Or maybe some crackhead would would damage my car trying to rip it off!
  6. Here's one that I came up with, the Deadly Giant Mondo Bug. It has the well-weighted bumble butt of a Bully Bluegill. Except add a tail and hackle collar instead of rubber legs. Ringneck pheasant body feathers.
  7. Here's a good one. I'm on the e-mailing list of this fly shop and today this one shocked me. I thought the item looked nice and could be something that I could use so I clicked the link and holy carp - $130 for nippers! https://www.tcoflyfishing.com/products/hatch-nipper-model-3 Also, although I live within a fly fishing mecca, I've never actually seen one of those stupid $500 rod vault / tube things strapped to the top of a vehicle. It must be a western guy thing. But I'm looking forward to the day it happens so I can have good laugh and make fun of the guy!
  8. You're OK. I admit to being a workaholic to the point of never having a proper vacation in my adult life. No extended or overnight fishing trips or traveling for pleasure. My wife goes on vacations with my daughter and her friends and that ticks her off. However, I've been working from home since last April due the pandemic and I've managed to goof off a lot on company time (just like now). It's an easy groove to fall into. In fact I think that if I'm ever called back to the office, I'll continue to goof off!
  9. One just came up on eBay. Link below. That's how I got my Universal #1 and #2 a few years ago. I don't tie true rotary very often but I do bust it out if I'm tying a larger or longer fly with carded materials. I think the #1 is a fine vise, highly recommended. I'm not as enthusiastic about the Universal #2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Unique-Vintage-Fly-Tying-Bench-Vise-Fly-Fishing-Fishing-Tool/133637729315?hash=item1f1d6dec23:g:J1UAAOSwnDxgAJW-
  10. Thanks for all the suggestions I guess I should get over the fact that they're not curved shanks and tie down the shank for emerger patterns and such - or go for a good body to gap ratio for some standard patterns. denduke - all of those flies look great on those bait hooks. You jogged my memory. I have used some of those Mustad 4xs hooks for extended mayflies and if I remember, they looked pretty good. I have to dig some up and see. Thanks again.
  11. Especially the shorties. I’ve tied some spider-skaters but I don’t really use them and they’re a bit boring to tie after a while. Any other suggestions? Mostly just for fun and something that’s challenging to tie. For the longer 94842s, I’ll probably just come up with some sparse Catskill patterns and leave some bare shank at the eye for a turle knot. Suggestions for what would look good? The dries I’ve tied with these so far just look a little bit “off”. THANKS! 94825 4x short, Ex. fine 94843 4x short, 3x fine 94842 No specs on boxes, but I think they’re just an up-eye 94840
  12. I recently noticed left forearm fatigue with my main setup - a Regal pedestal with the the 6 inch stem. At the preferred jaw angle, I'm thinking it's a bit too high at my tying station. I have some c-clamp options including the Regal 10 inch stem and clamp. So I may experiment. The thing is that it's barely noticeable and not at all painful - and it could have been something that was happening all along. But now that I've experienced it, it bugs me. This thread doesn't help. When stuff like this gets stuck in my head and I focus on it, I find that bourbon sometimes helps, so there's another option. Or maybe exercise - nah, just kidding. My casting arm / bobbin hand is OK so maybe I should just switch off between the two.
  13. I've posted this before but since it's been a couple years or more, I can report that the bullet bobbin eye dropper thingy is still going strong. It hasn't bitten the dust yet and it's smooth. A bit bulky but I do like it for larger flies - and floss.
  14. Thanks John. Back before the Materelli whip finisher, there was this E-Z Whipper. Never saw one but I copied it from pictures. When you think about it, all you really need is two hooks for the thread, set 90 degrees apart - and it puts the thread loop in the same figure 4 orientation, then whip finishing and releasing the loop is just as fast and easy as it is with a rotating tool. The difference is that this entire tool rotates between your fingers-instead of rotating within the handle. I find that I get a bit more control with these. I had an original Materelli back in the day but I sold it off and went back to these.
  15. I’ve never liked to have anything attached to the vise so I made a free-standing bobbin cradle. I can just slide it closer, slide it further away – or out of the way. It’s instantly adjustable for altitude because it’s an old radio or TV antenna! The pedestal base is some old scrap steel machine part with a hunk of leather glued to the bottom. The tip top section of the antenna is solid metal that bent easily into a cradle shape and polished up nicely - it may even be stainless steel. I also made the whip finishing tool – with a section of plated brass tubular antenna section - and bent spring wire, soldered to an old brass half hitch tool.
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