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  1. Hi thanks for the reply, what is the point in weighted flies then?
  2. I'm new to tying streamers/lures, as I've always bought them in the past. I will use these just for stockies in my local fishery. I was wondering what size beads would be needed for size 8/10 flies such as cat's whiskers/wooly buggers etc. I have seen 100 Gold brass beads, 3mm for around £3 on ebay. Would these be heavy enough to fish at a decent depth, or would I need to go bigger/heavier? The pond I fish is roughly 25ft at its deepest. Thanks Ian
  3. Thanks a lot, very helpful, I better get some supplies in!
  4. Thanks for the reply! That's 4 I can tick off the list!!!!
  5. I was given a book by the man who owns the local tackle shop, which he received after an old gentleman from my area passed away. In the book is a list of wet flies he used to tie, however I haven't heard of many of them. Any help in finding some of these patterns would be greatly appreciated! His handwriting is difficult to understand, so apologies for any mistakes! February Red Edmonds Welsh Fly Explorer Holland/Holamp's Fancy? Forps/Fords Favorite? Hare Lug Borderer Orange Dun Gristle Dun
  6. Thank you all for comments! I'll stick them in the bin Bill!
  7. Hi, I just tied this up, its similar to the queen of the waters variant on here but I used grey mallard wings. Just wondering if it's worth fishing or a waste of time! Suggestions or improvements also welcome! Materials: Hook Kamasan B170 size 10 Tail: Red cock hackle Body: Orange seal fur Gold oval tinsel Wing: Grey Mallard Body Hackle: Red cock Hackle :Red Hen
  8. Somebody shot me a mallard duck a little while ago, got some top quality material from it
  9. Thank you both for replies! I tied another and focused on what you said, seems to look a lot better, thanks for the advice
  10. My first attempt at Ry Bergman's Luzerne. Comments/suggestions welcome!
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