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  1. In some rivers catfish often bite flies. In the murky, shallow water the best fly is a popper, and when it is deeper than 10" - the wobbler fly. The 24-pound Amur catfish at the image was caught with a wobbler-fly on a 1/0 size hook.
  2. One of the solution is to buy a switch-rod. You will be able to switch to double-handed overhead or spey casts any time - to let your wrist relax..
  3. I travel a lot, so my list is rather long.. I hope to have 100 species by the fall.
  4. NIce size skygazer caught with Antiwobbler (a simple fly with an upright plastic blade)
  5. I was lucky to catch several snakeheads with a popper; the biggest one was about 10 pounds (not the one at the image). Snakehead is native to our waters (Amur R.), it is rather strong fish.
  6. These articulated sculpins work well; they are tied same way as a String Leech.
  7. Lasr week I was lucky to land a good size redfin & a 23-pound catfish.
  8. This is bass we catch in the Amur River (Mandarin bass, genus Siniperca). This one is considered a big fish.
  9. I am using a smaller streamer or nymph behing a bigger fly (streamer) a lot, but I never put any weight a the tippet connecting the flies? Which situation does require this additional weight?
  10. I have finished a set of flies for Iceland salmon. Thank you all for your help! I will work on Friggy and some otther flies later. According the info from Internet the rivers of Iceland are very clear. Salmon from this country prefer tiny flies – they are made on the hooks from #16 to #8. As a rule they are tied on double or treble hooks, or on tiny tubes. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/54566599/0029-strange-flies/01/IMG_8639.jpg I do not know how to call this fly, but the fish should like it. In worst case, if salmon will refuse it, we will use it to catch grayling. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/54566599/0029-strange-flies/01/IMG_8640.jpg Very sparse and skinny Collie Dog https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/54566599/0029-strange-flies/01/IMG_8642.jpg https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/54566599/0029-strange-flies/01/IMG_8643.jpg Snaelda https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/54566599/0029-strange-flies/01/IMG_8644.jpg Willie Gunn on a # 10 treble https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/54566599/0029-strange-flies/01/IMG_8646.jpg Silver Munro (variant on a double hook) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/54566599/0029-strange-flies/01/IMG_8647.jpg Silver Munro (variant on a treble hook) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/54566599/0029-strange-flies/01/IMG_8650.jpg Collie Dog https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/54566599/0029-strange-flies/01/IMG_8654.jpg Hempel tied as a skating fly on a plastic tube https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/54566599/0029-strange-flies/01/IMG_8659.jpg Something like Silver Munro on half-inch tube https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/54566599/0029-strange-flies/01/IMG_8661.jpg Red Francis
  11. I was told smoking pot is also a big fun. I see fly fishing as catching fish with a rod, line & fly (artificial lure put together with thread & glue). Reels, guides, special lines, etc. are optional. If one is using bobbers, sinkers, metal lures, and bait, it is not fly fishing. IMHO.
  12. I am using a set of brass shells (12, 16, 28 & 32 gauge) with sharpened edges for cutting foam bodies for the poppers
  13. Use strong, rather stiff synthetec fibers. These big Clousers are used for big & toothy fish. This winter in Africa they had destroyed many of my bucktail flies.
  14. Thank you all for great info! Now I will be able to tie the flies which will later travel 7000 km to reach Iceland. On the Friggy: how does it behave in the current? These two opposite wings make its design very strange... Best wishes!
  15. I use soft electric wiring in different color PVC cover
  16. Hello, My friend is coming to Iceland for salmon fishing this year (first week of July). He will fish the Laxa in Adaldal & Hofsa Rivers. He had asked me to tie some flies most suitable for these streams. Could you tell me the names of the flies which are the best, and the hook sizes? Are the double hooks legal in Iceland? Thank you! Tight lines! Mikhail EML: [email protected]
  17. I am making & selling lots of these "dubbing brushes" to the tiers. Dubbing brush has so many advantages comparing with tying using a dubbing loop. For instance, some of my brushes are multi-colored. You wrap such one on a hook and get a scud body of 3 or 5 colors with no hassle.. Now before starting to tie flies I often make dubbing brush for them; it saves lots of time. This Rainbow Nymph is made out of one multi-colored brush.
  18. I love to catch lady fish…They love to poop on my clean boat Yes, I remember fishing in Florida with a local guide. His skiff was made out of white well-polished plastic; it was clean enough to perform brain surgery on a deck.
  19. I had recently come back from the West Africa (Bijagos). I was able to catch some fish species I never had before. Attachments - 2 kinds of snapper and ladyfish. Ladyfish looks like a tiny tarpon; it is extremely strong for its size! We were also catching jack & barracuda.
  20. Never counted them - the boxes fill a big Coleman cooler.. about 30 at least
  21. Think on Kola Salmon rods - I am using them for long time. Good quality and good prices!
  22. Sea-run taimen Parahucho perryi is one of the rarest and very noble fish!
  23. I prefer to move & fish downstream, espeacially on very swift streams where a wobbler-fly is the best choice.
  24. Catfich are aggressive; they bite pike flies and other baitfish imitations as well as wobbler flies. The recipy is simple - put your fly in front of a feeding cat.. In the Amur R. I catch them day & night.
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