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  1. I'm in if you need me and can throw in a box too I am joining project healing waters locally it is a great program, I started fly fishing as physical therapy after breaking my back. If anyone understands the healing power of our sport its me!
  2. Got my flies great swap guys I am looking forward to learning to tie matches to these so I can fish them
  3. I need the address to send them too I am sorry to be running a lil late but was in the hospital for the last week and was unable to get them into the mail yet
  4. I'm in with a Gibby's Bead-Eye Bluegill Fly, been looking for an excuse to harass all the local perch. and this looks like a cool pattern.
  5. Thank you, it wont take long to tie them so I will mail them by the end of next week.
  6. I am new to swapping but will probably treat them the same as flies I buy, keep them on the bench until I can tie an exact match without looking at the original. Then I take them to the river so that they can fulfill there reason to exist.
  7. Got mine in the mail today. I through in a couple of my favorite midges for you guys too.
  8. Sounds good to me. I'll close the swap and we'll each tie up a dozen. Three people swap it is! FisheyeDon you cool with this? Works for me and if you guys want I will do 6 black cripple and 6 sulfur
  9. Welcome home, and its funny since I discovered the forum I am on here so much that my wife says its worse than her and the boys facebook habits combined happy tying
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