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  1. Thank you sir! Its weighted. If you look really close by the right mono eye you can barely make out the small dumbell weight. Whitner posted the pattern in the "need a crab fly" post thats been kicking around.
  2. Looking good from what I can see. Make sure its glued on there good. I have found after a while some of mine would roll on the hook shank.
  3. Had some time this weekend here and there so I tied up some salty stuff. Just the usual crap. Enjoy!! Mullet"esque" fly (icelandic sheep and arctic fox tail) A poor rendition of Whitner's Crab I dont know what this is.. Similar to a craft fur shrimp Another baitfish Wool-Headed Baitfish (icelandic sheep tail) Purple random bunny fly Another shrimpy creature EP Pinfish (size 1/0) EP Everglades Special ( my current favorite fly. These range from size 2 up to 2/0)
  4. Double post since I was so excited!!
  5. After buying and reading featherbrain you almost immediately want to buy yak from Drew. Smart man that guy is. Puts it on like every other page of the book so by the end you must buy some. I had about $75 worth in my cart. Then I saw something about shipping taking up to 3 weeks or something crazy. Nothing turns me off more then waiting forever for material. Dave did your take a while?
  6. I just bought a bunch of the icelandic sheep. It is like craft fur but BETTER. Less underfur, holds its shape better, and can be longer.
  7. Nicely done Dave. Only thing better would be beer or whiskey in the picture. I have some fish masks coming today! I'd like to try something similar to the all white baits you tied up there.
  8. Coyote tail shrimp is pretty bad ass!! What kind of hackle do you palmered? Looks like some wirey stuff. Good luck my friend. Dont disappear on us like last time!
  9. Whitner..love that fly. The simplicity of it makes it even better to me. Going to try one out myself
  10. I have had Bruce Chard's line for sometime. It is simply the best line I have EVER used. You will not be disappointed. It definitely improved my distance and is overall just amazing. I actually cant say enough good things about it. Im a huge fan of Enrico's flies. There is a learning curve on tying each and everyone of them. Mostly just figuring how much (or I should say) how little amount of fiber you need. Thanks for the kind words dude. How long is it looking before you get back out fishing?? Im going to tie a few more of that pinfish, definitely some in smaller sizes. Haha saints fly. I used Deer Creek expanding tub and just kind of rolled it to loosen the fibers and tie it in. Turned out pretty good! Im going for 5 days this trip. I have two more trips in the works as well! Thanks for the tip Bob! I am familiar with them. Ill have to run to the craft store and get some different colors. Probably helps they dont have a "sheen" to them as well. Thanks! The head is not an dubbing loop...although that may work. Hell a brush would probably work as well. I did it like enrico does.. kind of like spinning deer hair (except you do it manually). If that doesn't makes sense tell me and I can either take some pictures or explain more thorough!!
  11. Thanks! Its really just a point and shoot shot in the style of another member (I believe it was Crackaig that first posted it). I have an ott table light and I take an 11 x 17 sheet of paper and drape it around the light and just shoot in there. Comes out like I know what Im doing. The only color is doesnt grab well is purple. The fly I posted that looks black and sort of purple is actually quite purple in real life. Something with the light that it grabs it weird.
  12. Hahahaha nah. Once in a while I tie a nice fly! Thats just the beginning of the Everglades Special. Not sure how many of you guys check out the pilecast blog but I think he has devoted an entire year to only using that fly. Im going to tie an army of them. They deff work and everyone should give them a try.
  13. Jam that musky fly is over 13". Its 6/0 rear hook, big game shank, then 8/0 Gamakatsu octopus hook. Its also tied Blane Chocklett style. Here is a better picture of what they look like..he did it way better then I, I am still trying to figure it out. NO this is not ME (sadly), MY FISH, or MY FLY. Its just a google image I grabbed of the Chocklett fly!!
  14. Jam what are you using for hackle on that evil little intruder? I like it!! Anyhow..I tied a bunch of salty stuff this weekend (posted in salt forum) and this beast of a musky fly..
  15. EP Pinfish Baitfish Rabbit Crab Chard's A.M. Special (baby tarpon fly) Tarpon Fly Some Random Fly (found on a blog/) Everglades Special EP
  16. Jam' Nicely done dude! Hook point up seemed standard out in San Diego when I was fishing in the blue. Id leave them up. Did you make the tandem rig?
  17. None of my flies "do anything" besides get washed lol. Nothing new!! Thanks my friend.
  18. Id agree on the 12 wt. Ive been fishing with guides for Tarpon for about 6 years now..It seems as though I use 10wt-14wt depending on where and when.
  19. Awee he's starting to fit right in with us salties!! Welcome aboard the crazy train..before long you'll be in one of Dave's Tutus singing Kumbaya with PJ!!
  20. PJ does it different then I do. I use glass beads glued onto a piece of mono. I do not use any uv glue for this process as it doesnt hold up to the beating. I use a product called 2P-10. It has incredible strength and the gel formula makes it easy. If you dont want any weight I suggest PJ's method. Or go to the craft store and you can rolls of plastic beads that work great (if Panama Dave chimes in I believe he taught me this).
  21. Steve...you just made this forum much better.
  22. Coyote will do great! Most natural furs work awesome. For carp shrimp I use rabbit sometimes as well (obviously for the smaller flies). Here is a poor rendition of PJ's bendback. Got carried away with the size of the head but it should still fish fine!
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