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  1. I use pine squirrel for the Morrish Mouse fly pattern.
  2. In my Honest Opinion .... Forget the long hours on your feet, your bad casting form (mistakes), your fishing buddy dialed in .... HEY BUDDY .... You were there... Most of us will never make it out there... Thank you for posting the Youtube vid...
  3. Smoky Mountain Fork Tail I was going to check the books I have on Smoky Mountains & East Tennessee fly patterns... Not the nymph.. but here you go for the dry.. http://www.smokymountainflyguide.com/tutorials_flytying.htm/smoky%20mountain%20forked%20tail.htm Hook: Mustad 94831 or 94840 dry fly hook, size 14 Thread: orange floss Tail: 2 brown or tan goose biots Body: orange floss wrapped to shape full length of the body. Wings: 2 brown or tan goose biots Hackle: light ginger rooster hackle
  4. Mike, I know I was waffling in my post, but I have to admit I kinda like it... a bit.
  5. and maybe even more wow factors! Flytire, thank you. I stand corrected.
  6. I purchased it over a week ago. Two days later I was signing for it on my door step. Fast shipping .... the first of the WOW factors. First thing you will notice is the weight of the book... 2nd WOW factor. 496 pages... 3rd WOW factor. Photography by Barry Ord Clarke, I believe some 2,500 of them... 4th WOW factor. It uses a colored edge guide to the various sections, a new one on me... 5th WOW factor. Topics include (of course ) how to use this book, origins in the use of CDC feathers, how to tie with them, section on his original patterns, his tools, techniques on bodies. thorax, legs, wings, and care of the CDC feather... 6th WOW factor. Mixed in with all of it are a good number of fishing and tying stories... 7th & 8th WOW factors. Matter of fact I have enjoyed them so much I am also going to give the a 9th and 10th WOW factors. I haven't finished reading it all, but what I have read I thoroughly enjoyed, and have learned a bit more of tying with CDC.
  7. Purchased at Little River Outfitters, Townsend, TN
  8. Gene L, where did you find that video, what a great history lesson. Thanks.
  9. I started out with Hooked on Fly Tying VHS series with Dick Talleur, then onto AK Best and, Shane Stalcup tying videos. I believe that all the tyers named above in this thread are outstanding in there own right. In my opinion Matt Grobert is the finest tyer I have ever watched from the Youtube Tightline Video Production channel.
  10. Roger Lowe's Smoky Mountains Book
  11. Very nice report Steve. Always nice to hear about good products. Thanks.
  12. I have purchased two TRV's. Since my last post on the "New" TRV and I have had many hours sitting behind it tying many different type and sizes of flies. I just finished a box full of size 22 midges without a complaint what so ever. I was at a NJ TU tying event for Casting For Recovery, Project Healing Waters, and TU National Veterans program, and went into the fast and furious tying mode. It was all about speed, getting the hook securely into the vise and tie. NEXT... The vise will hold a hook with the barest amount of pressure added. My prior tying desk and travel vise was a Regal, nothing could be quicker than it. The TRV wasn't all that behind in the Regal in securing the hook quickly. The TRV is over all smaller than a Regal, but after tying a bit my left hand did find a natural comfortable resting spot on it. It looks like a smaller LAW vise, and I have yet to have any issues in its quality or workmanship. When you lay out over one thousand dollars for (2) "new" items from any manufacturer, there are the expected and unexpected issues that arise. I have no issues with either TRV and the quality of materials and workmanship. If there is one suggestion to HMH after tying lots of flies with it, the back side of the locking wheel, could stand a bit rounder edge. Other than that, I don't feel it is a new vise what so ever, like I been tying with it for years. I honestly did worry about changing from the Regal, but I don't now. Again, there is nothing wrong with Regal, it is a very high quality and RELIABLE tying vise in every sense of the word. I laid out a thousand dollars for two of the TRV's, many of you my think I was taking a gamble, but not really, my first high quality vise after giving up my LL Bean Fly Tying Kit vise was an HMH (which I still have), I had some confidence... but you never know. I now don't give it a second thought.
  13. Just a few of the many pliers out there, some are designed to debarb a hook, and some work better at debarbing a hook. My choice are the old green grip needle nose. Nothing has come close to dethroning them. Like scissors, bobbins, whip finishers, bodkins, head cement, and vises... they are all a personal choice.
  14. I believe Tim said a PLASTIC base? Nice looking vise, I believe its down fall maybe that light weight plastic base.
  15. GP you are the man... To sound (stupid) I did try to "pick" the so called quill off the backing material. Your photo just might have saved me. Hopefully no one else looks at this thread...
  16. AK Skim


    Just screams steelhead... Salmon River, NY
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