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  1. Seems this got lost in the update, so I'm reposting. Anyway, 6 months or so back I asked for tips on some basic trout patterns, and got alot of good advice. I put what I could of it to good use, and it really changed they way my flies look. Heres a pic from 6 months or so ago of an EHC And heres how I'm tying them now Am interested to get even more tips on ways to improve this pattern. I know many prefer a thinner wing, What are other things to change or improve to make a better EHC?
  2. I just furled a length of the yarn and tied in, and repeated for the top color. The disco yarn is a bit thicker than the fun fur, so I was doubling the fun fur up before furling. There are several posts about the disco minnows here, as well as a short "how to" i believe.
  3. Sounds like they are tiny bluegill? Try a smaller sized spider. Either they are missing because its just a bit awkward to get into their mouth, or have bad aim.
  4. Picked up some disco yarn, fun fur and a big pack of sharpies today as sort of a birthday gift to myself. Tied up a dozen or so "disco minnows", sure are fun and easy to tie. I couldn't think of much to make that I could use the markers on, but did finally come up with this crawdad pattern. Looks pretty promising, just need to find out how it fishes now
  5. Thread? Thats musta been alot of wraps Neat looking fly for sure
  6. I don't often coat the heads of my flies, simply because if they last through more fish it leaves me less flies to replace in my "off-time" I do normally use cement on more time consuming patterns, but its normally geared towards tail and wing wraps than the head.
  7. ? If you could use some simple bluegill stuff that works I can send you some mail too, Its no big deal. My little cabinet on my desk is full of flies, much like that Christmas movie with the Island of Misfit toys, that will likely never see water otherwise. Its about time I get rid of them anyway, maybe I can start using it to organize more materials so I can see my desk for once
  8. Sent pm back. No need to buy em, I can get enough of them through regular postage to last you several seasons, even if you cast the way I do lol.
  9. To keep it simple, a rubber spider- the slow sinking variety. I prefer a black chenille body with white legs, but the combinations are endless. I normally use a size 10-12 Mustad 3366 hook for these, cheap and effective. Bass WILL hit these and often do, but if your after bass specifically there are better choices. Just grab a round bobber, or better yet a sleeker "casting" bobber and have fun catching gills. * Edit * If you don't tie flies yet, feel free to pm me your address if you wish, I have a lifetime supply of simple bluegill flies here that i'll never get to use.
  10. Yep you guessed it, no good hair stacker here. I have one i made for bass bugs on the lathe at work but its really too big for small amounts of hair, especially short hairs.
  11. Yeah the copper job is a bit crappy, tied it in a bit of a hurry before leaving for work. The thread job on some of the heads, well, never been great at making clean heads really. Instead of winding up with too bulky of a head I usually do as few wraps as possible, which when mixed with less than ideal trimming leaves them looking rough. I did pick up some 8/0 thread, which helps alots in the smaller flies, although I would still like some smaller thread I think for some of the really tiny drys and such. I normally use 6/0 unless im doing alot of hair or bigger bugs. Been working on alot of streamers as well, as smallmouths will be my main target this year. Just planning on hitting some local tailwaters for hatchery trout and gearing up for a summer trip to the smokies with the wife.
  12. Grabbed a large pile of new supplies today to continue work on my trout patterns, Im posting some below to see what you all think. Keep in mind I've never had the chance to fish coldwater species, So when it comes to experience on the stream I have zero. Im just going by what I've read over the years and the helpful info here. The generic parachute ended up with an elk wing, I intended to use calf body. Guess Im tired lol. I did buy some cdc feathers, I need to try some of them out too. I just got the beads and suitable hooks today, so these are the first beadheads I've been able to tie. Am I headed in the right direction for productive nymph patterns?
  13. Messing around with a bunch of foam tonight, when the wife handed me a pair of paper hole-punchers she found on her desk. These are what left my vise, seem kinda interesting to me, might throw a few in the vest and try out sometime.
  14. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by binfordw: Spider-pop
  15. another go tonight with hackle tips. Tried to taper the body a bit and get the wings farther forward, might just take a bit more practice to get used to. Thanks for the tips and pics so far
  16. Just curious if I've got the hang of my proportions yet. It looks good to me, although I had to burn wings- as I really don't have any suitable hackle for them. The tips of the stuff i have are too narrow to really be worth putting on, guess I need some different stuff for it. I tried to make the tail and wings about a shank length, and the wings at a 45 deg angle or so. As long as it fishes proper I would be happy, but I'd like to get them near perfect, incase I ever need to give some to another fisherman or something
  17. Thanks for the reply bwo- it helps for sure. As far as sizes and colors go- it seems a bit overkill to carry, for example, 8 different sizes of humpies in 3 colors each. My boxes would fill in a hurry Should I just be aiming to carry basic attractor patterns in a few sizes and colors, and save the more specific colors and sizes for situations such as fishing during a specific hatch time? So far I have a dozen or so Elk hair caddis, size 12, 14, 16 in light, dark and lime green, and few standard Adams, Wulffs and Humpies in 10-16. Need to gather some supplies for the nymphs and stimulators yet. I'll probably grab some 18-22 dry hooks as well to add some tiny stuff to my collection. Hope I can tie that small
  18. I recently got the idea to start fishing a nearby "coldwater" section of tailwaters that hold hatchery rainbows and browns. I've always wanted to pursue trout, but never really had the chance- given my location and all. The idea is the wife and I can frequent the nearby tailwaters and "practice" fishing for trout, and hopefully be more edjucated when we manage to get away to the smokies for some fishing vacations. My flyboxes were filled with "junk". Some flies I had tied 10+ years ago and still had never seen water. Being mainly a panfisher, I never seriously attempted many trout patterns. So I cleaned my boxes out, and plan on starting over, filling them with commonly used patterns for mainly the Smokies in Tennessee. I have a good book on fishing the smokies, which lends alot of advice on what patterns to carry and hatch schedules and such, but would enjoy getting more ideas on what to restock my boxes with. Common patterns, including most commonly used sizes for my needs would be alot of help!
  19. Only suggestion i would give is to leave the rubber stranded together until the fly is finished- then separate the legs. Its not too difficult to get the legs where they should be really, a few figure-8 wraps here and there will shove them into place.
  20. Old Faithful again lol A bit suprising how many bass you can catch on "bluegill" flies. I don't often bother fishing bigger, bass-sized flies unless I'm out strictly to catch bass.
  21. That a forum moderator redirected the thread to a more suitable area? i.e, posting a rod building question in the fly tying section would get moved to the rod building forum.
  22. "Bully" spider specifically? nah- rubber spider, of course. I have hundreds of rubber spiders tied up for some reason, in loads of different colors. The go-to, can't fail (my opinion only) fly for bluegill is a black chenille body- white leg (NON-floating) rubber spider. Standard size is a 10, have gone smaller or even bigger depending on water clarity but normally seems to make little difference. I have tried about all I can think of for years with bluegill, but the main go-to pattern is that spider. Its a bit boring really, I am continuosly trying to find something new I can use cause the spiders really aren't much fun or time consuming to tie lol.
  23. Hi all, Haven't posted much in awhile, but lately I've been itching to get started fishing this year- so I've spent a good deal of time at the bench playing around. Been reading up on some deerhair patterns and decided to attempt some jointed minnows myself. I haven't spent alot of time with hair really, and find myself missing some of the materials I'd like to be using- Like Marabou- I have NO marabou lol. Gives me a reason to order some more items i suppose. But anyway, I was pretty pleased with these 2 minnows, still working on stacking colors but atleast I feel I have the actual basics down well. I'm dying to get out soon and work some line for a few spring smallies!!
  24. Very clean hair-work- nicely done :thumbsup: I still struggle with the trimming a bit, They always wind up smaller than I intend lol. I have been hooked on hair lately, real fun stuff to work with.
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