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  1. Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!! Rick
  2. I wonder if the UV glue reflects or refracts light that might attract fish. Maybe imitate an air bubbble? Rick
  3. -6 degrees F right now with colder night temps to come in the next few days. Not even going to try my sinking line on the ice, probably to thick. Rick
  4. Stan at Reel Recovery told me they are in good shape for this year and next year for flies. Jen at Casting for recovery sent me this. 14 people in each retreat.
  5. "only" in another color tail feather barbs. abdomen gold angelina fibers. Wingcase peacock , thorax same as abdomen. legs rubber legs. bead head.
  6. Gilly variations hook size 10 bead head, tail feather barbs. abdomen red floss, thorax another color floss. wing blue peacock neck feathers barbs. dry fly hackle This uses dry hackle to push water.
  7. Damsel fly marabou tail. dubbing brush with FTD dubbing in caddis green plastic eyes. size 10 hook wire under body flattened.
  8. In southern Iowa we beat you a little bit. One day will hit 12, rest single figures. Rick
  9. eyelash yarn with bead chain eyes
  10. Probably like many other terms in fly tying, however you define it. Rick
  11. I'm envious. 6 degrees right now and the ponds are frozen. Rick
  12. a couple of flies with vinyl rib and some yarn given to me.
  13. No symptoms for me at this time. My wife does say I have it between the ears when I tie some size 22 and 24 flies. Especially if I weave something. Rick
  14. F 4 fly abdomen floss, thorax peacock, tie in wing or soft hackle
  15. a couple of red bugs from stuff I got long ago. In a dubbing brush size 10 hooks.
  16. I tie for 3 groups and 3 friends also. Still have a few lifetimes of flies. Rick
  17. Manhattan midge scud hook silver wire rib. black dubbing Kyrstal flash wing peacock head, glass bead
  18. I had a package set in Des Moines for 6 days. Rick
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