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  1. I had one of the plastic bottles with the metal tube on top. It plugged up on em. Then I read some place to cut the metal tube shorter so the needle cap top goes all the way down. To difficult for me to figure out. Rick
  2. If you have a dremel tool use the sanding disc to flatten a small spot where the eyes will go. Use a drop of superglue to hold them on. Ric
  3. Google to find "Froggie" it is afly by Tony Spezio. It is about 1 to 1.5 inches long. Don't rmeember where directions are. Rick
  4. RickZieger


    The ponds that I fish here in Iowa have large numbers of fish. Having taken many fish, out of many ponds,I have found the size of the bluegills to increase. I return every gill that is over 10" back into the pond, unless the are injured to much to survive. Many of the ponds will allow hundreds of gills to come out of them and not damage the population. Rick
  5. I use a thin screw that I have cut the head off of to hold the foam body on my Dremel. Seems to hold better than a nail for me. Rick
  6. Yes they will. Another thing to consider is that many folks have developed flies that work great for warmwater flyfishing. There are several sites that have alot of info on this. I have outfished several folks using trout flies with flies designed for panfish. Rick
  7. Cornmeal paprika chili powder garlic powder onion powder salt pepper mix to taste roll fillets of panfish in it and bake on "Pammed" cookie sheet 10-12minutes at 400 degrees. Soak fillets in1 to 2 tlbs soy sauce for 4 to 6 hours. Bake or gill. Very good with crappie. Rick
  8. Most of my panfish flies have no weight or very little weight. Many times I use glass beads if I need to hold materials at the front. Rick
  9. The only scent I use is to wash my hands with some of the dirt beside the pond where I am going to fish. My hope is that I will not tranfer anything else to the fly. Rick
  10. Just received an email that Mark died last night. IF this is not appropriate for this area I hope the moderators will remove it. Rick
  11. I can't rmemeber many of the names of folks that I have watched at Sowbug roundup im Mt Home Arkansas. The are many many talented tiers there. Rick
  12. I use Sally Hansens alot. I let the flies dry out overnight on the tying desk.. No problem for the fish. The people who produce L-lysine will scare the fish off. Rick
  13. Boa Yarn leeches and a Goldie Jr. Both work very well for me. Rick
  14. I would tie some flies using pheasant tails. Rick
  15. You can hunt them but you CANNOT sell them. That is why they are not in catalogues. They have a foot like a flamingo. Body feathers make a great leech pattern. Use red thread and it takes two to three feather for a size 10 hook. Rick
  16. I do it. It did take a while to get used to doing this. Helps to have big rings on the handles for your fingers. Rick
  17. I make my popper sout of foam. Solid colors have wsorked as well or better than multiple colors. Playing around with stuff, a tail and legs seem to be the most impoortant thing on poppers. Rick
  18. I have them tied with hackle 1 size larger, normal , and 1 size smaller. Let the fish tell you wha thtey like the best each day. Rick
  19. Received some great looking flies today. Rick
  20. Ifg I can get out I go with natural type flies in small sizes. Usually size 14 and 16 for the patterns, PTN, Hares Ears,leeches. Most are weighted with a glass bead and fished very slowly. Rick
  21. It is my conjecture that many times a bluegill will spit out a fly before you can set the hook. When you do the hook set you impale another fish with the fly. Horror of horrors, it is almost snagging. Rick
  22. I will do a Godlie Jr. send you r address please. Rick
  23. My flies went in the mail last week. Rick
  24. contact Conranch hackle. He sells directly to people. He also ties so when you talk to him tell him what you want and he will get it to you. No interest in the company. us thappy with the feathers I have from him. Rick
  25. Got 26 gills on the purple leech today. All 8 to 9 incheslong anbd fat, Rick
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