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  1. II got some seconds (color) a few years ago and have used them without any problem. Think I paid like $10.00 for each of them. Work fine for my warm water fishing. Rick
  2. I now have a few of these tied up. May have to wait until next summer to try them. Rick
  3. Trico hook size 16 underbody thin ribbon i have. Moose mane body, antron wing. dubbing for head.
  4. I lay it along the wire. Send your snail mail and I will send you one. Gold or silver wire? Rick
  5. I use the roving in dubbing brushers for my Hares ears. Rick
  6. Tail shank, 6mm, 8mm and hook. Longer than that does not work well for me on panfish. Rick
  7. Ants from shelf liner material DSCN3712 (2) by Richard Zieger, on Flickr
  8. I tie in the blade first with the loop of mono. Then I thread each bead on over the hook point and then glue it on the mono. Rick
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