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  1. Got some neat looking flies in. When I use mine in dingy, dirty water I cast in the same place many times. I think the fish use the lateral line until they can see the fly. Rick
  2. Mine is made with fluroescent beads. The 00 blade is on 10lb mono. The beads come in 4 coloors. Rick
  3. cree, grizzly, furnace, brown, black Rick
  4. emerger tied with high float fibers from the FTD. couldn't find my cdc.
  5. Hooks seems to be guaged according to the brand. The different brands are no where near the same. Rick
  6. Peacock sword tail nymph. hook choice of size (8 to 14 for me) Thread match body or contrast for rib Body emu or ostrich herl rope Soft hackle at front if use ostrich
  7. two woven from embrodiery floss.
  8. Skip Morris panfish fly Swimming nymph hook red floss, yarn body rib gold wire, thread bead chain eyes black over red marabou. Change marabous colors to what you want.
  9. Boa yarn flies. One with legs tied in first. Wrap tghe yarn on the hook so that you can palmer it up the hook. 2 new colors I was given.
  10. Went to a pond and had great fun when I finally figured out the fish were just under the surface. Had a beaded hares ear variation on. Changed it to an unweighted one. Started catching bluegills, crappie and bass up to 20 inches on it. After about 40 minutes there was a bolt of lightning and then thunder about 3 seconds later. About 20 seconds later I was on the way home. Waving a graphite rod in the air with lead in my butt does not agree with thunder. Ricvk
  11. I'm not sure I tie bad flies, I call them "cripples". Rick
  12. My experience the tiny blades don’t spin as well as the larger. Denduke I have found that this size blade works better for me. A larger blade seems to unbalance the fly and fall first. When this happens the blade does mot move like when trailing the hook.
  13. A striper fly downsized for panfish. Works well on the drop and also on a retrieve.
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