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  1. I currently use a Marc Petitjean Swiss Vise (Base model). I had a Renzetti Master; however, I had a problem with the jaws (right out of the box). The anemic customer service and extremely poor attitude of Lily Renzetti had me running to return the vise back to the store from which it was purchased. I bought the Marc Petitjean in its stead and have never looked back. What an incredibly solid, aesthetically pleasing, extremely functional, marvel of modern engineering. Visually, the Petitjean is like putting Stacy Keibler up againt Roseanne Barr in a bikini contest. The Swiss Vise is sleek & svelt, has the jaws of a pitbull, and the ability to adjust the angle of both the jaw arm and jaws is well thought out. In fact, the entire vise is extremely well thought out.. And, the accompanying tube vise mandrells are a pleasant bonus. I also have a Renzetti Traveler and will be putting that up on ebay soon. I ran into Andrew Renzetti Sr. at one of our local fly shops and told him of my experience with his wife. He just shrugged his shoulders, lit a cigarette and alluded to maybe it was my fault for his wifes pathetic phone etiquette. As you can tell, this experience has left a bitter taste for Renzetti. When you spend upwards of $700 on a premium vise, the company should provide comparable customer service, not arrogance and insults. Shame on you Renzetti and my hats off to Marc Petitjean!
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