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  1. I think that you shouldn't search for the bible from set of books, For you to be the bible that book which becomes clear and comprehensible only by you as isn't present actually and stereotypes on knitting.
  2. Fly excellent, but I would make a bottom of a wing of a polar bear and with shining materials would work extremely accurately, the main rule is less - no more. Here an example as I build a wing. In advance thanks.
  3. Very good fly I want itself to try to knit given fly where it is possible to look at instructions??? In advance thanks.
  4. Very very best idea flies with super wire, leaving a week on the Kola there will test only slightly change the color.
  5. Big All thanks!!! I have learned much of your information especially many thanks Johny Utah. And that at us in home market not so is a lot of information.
  6. Thanks next time I will be more attentive!!!
  7. Not bad!!! 2nd is especially good under the caddis fly, but I would try to change color of a wing depending on the river and time. I am sorry for my bad English.
  8. Friends I want to discuss in this theme who with what UV varnishes uses also what there are advantages at UV varnishes???!!!
  9. I use for a long time already on trips for linkage of Rentsetti Trevel and house at me there are Norvize with transformations. To me Rentsetti approach from for their ease of simplicity and reliability. I am sorry for my bad English.
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