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  1. Sorry to hear this. A great one for sure.
  2. Looking good Mark! Well done. Keep at it.
  3. Great vendor and super products - highly recommended. Got my Kapok dubbing from them -- another super nice item.
  4. Mine should be to you tomorrow. Thanks
  5. I would like to join this one - I'm in. Thx
  6. I am in - sounds like a fun one.
  7. Got two rods today from Steve at Midwest Custom and I was blown away how fantastic they look. If you are in the market for something high quality give him a ring. I will see if I can get some photos up after work -- but it may be tomorrow as I want to get out this evening and give them a whirl. Got a six foot spinning rod for crappie chasing and it is perfect. Then my new 3 weight just is stunning in a dark look which is exactly what I wanted. Thanks Steeldrifter for two great sticks to help my catching!! Shmang
  8. Ditto to the above as these swap flies are outstanding! Each one rocks -- hardest part will be which one to tie on first. Nice job by all. -Shmang
  9. Details please - it looks great.
  10. Niveker: I did apply the flies with Water Shed after completing the pattern -- let them "dry" for a few days- then on the stream I added Fly Tyers Dungeon floatant. That mix made for a nice up top riding pattern. And yes it reminds me of silk dubbing that way to it goes on the thread. Wwkimba - thanks for the Rockhopper suggestion - looks like a good one. Take care
  11. An update: I used patterns with Kapok both Saturday and Sunday and I was very impressed with its floatability . I think it the combination of the dubbing, quality hackle, and better tying that made for patterns that did what I was looking for -- float high and allowed me to add a dropper to the rig with ease. I only had a few hours early morning each day so it was not an exhaustive test run but I feel I have advanced my game. I was able to fool a few fish but the secret sauce was the small soft hackle pattern trailing 24 inches behind the parachute. They were keying in on that in current seams. So while not a white hot dry fly bite the Kapok did serve as a neat indicator which is what I was hoping to achieve. Time to get more colors.............
  12. "@SilverCreek that was very educational. Thank you" I concur that indeed was an outstanding reply - thank you for all the knowledge you provided. I need to ask then is Kapok dubbing best applied NOT on a parachute pattern? Would standard Superfine be a better material for a standard parachute pattern - or something else other than that even? Thoughts? skeet3t - got a photo of a fly tied with your undyed carpet yarn? I like the idea of high flotation with minimal upkeep - that is a winning hand in my book! Thanks
  13. Thanks all for your feedback and comments - much appreciated. My intent is to use it on Parachute dries. I picked up a pack each of the BWO and Adams colors -- should cover most hatches was my initial thought. In the past my dry fly tying game has not been the best (using inferior hackle and bad technique on my part) so using this dubbing hopefully make for a better fly. I have picked up some quality hackle and am being mindful of tying execution in a quest to up my game. The package says to the effect "Supporting 30 times its weight. Perfect for dry flies - finer than Superfine dubbing at 30-36 micron and 1.8cm fiber in length". It does dub on nicely and achieving a taper is relatively simple for my fat hands. A link: https://www.wholesaleflycompany.com/kapok-dubbing Thanks
  14. A question for folks who have tied dry fly patterns using Kapok Dubbing - can I use regular floatant? Do I need any special treatment to keep it floating high? Just got it in and starting to whip up a few flies. I was going to add some Water Shed but I figured I might ask before doing so if that would be alright. Thanks
  15. Now that is a great read! Thanks for sharing.
  16. I was thinking of trying pink and tan, and maybe the medium blue the richme suggested above -- and purple patterns do well for me.. About the name thing I don't know if a Pink Weenie is a family friendly handle
  17. I am working on a Terrestrial box and wanted to ask what other color options might I consider for the Greenie Weenie style fly? I might be overthinking it in asking the questions but would a pink or tan or purple be as productive? Ultra chenile is pretty cheap so acquiring a few other hues is not out of my realm if I need to think out of the box. Your thoughts? Thanks
  18. Wishing him all the best Great fellow with a great product.
  19. Wow that sure is a good looking stick!!
  20. A larger mop body makes a nice Ned jig on a 90 degree jig head and lead eyes. Like Philly I make a sweet craw jig for the spinning rod that catches everything in the creek - pine zonker "claws" and scud back for the carapace over estaz coupled with lots of small rubber legs tied at the lead and hook point junction -- nothing easier to load up on the smallies and rockbass and carp and mr whiskers.
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