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  1. You might also want to consider the HMH Spartan which is a few dollars cheaper than the Traveler. http://www.jsflyfishing.com/hmh-spartan-vise I see your point, Crackaig, about the pull into the collet jaws but after 20 years of tying countless flies on a HMH Standard and having zero problems with the jaws I have to say that HMH has seemed to been able to figure out how to make their jaws last. To me, the advantage of this type of jaw, at least on the HMH, is you can change out the jaw very quickly. Their micro jaw is unmatched if you regularly tie very small flies, the Omni jaw is great for all round tying and the Magnum will hold the biggest salt water flies and they are only about $40. I had a Regal before the HMH and loved it but it has sat around as a faithful backup to the HMH for all these years waiting for an injury to the HMH so it could jump back into the game, and it has yet to happen. I don't mean to cloud the issue for you MBM but the HMH is worthwhile to investigate.
  2. Gorgeous work rolsen, I love your wings. I've been working on Davie McPhail's Sweeny Todd Streamer which I really like. And I'll toss in what could be called a bubble back bead head nymph.
  3. The late great Bill Porter of Coeur d'Alene, ID fished renegades almost exclusively on the Coeur d'Alene and St Joe Rivers of North Idaho for their native Cutthroats. I just had to throw this in because whenever the Renegade is mentioned I think of Bill.
  4. I've been working on some mice today. This conehead is almost all synthetic, except for an olive hackle wound through like you would do on a wooly bugger. The tail is Baby Legs from Fly Tyer's Dungeon and the body is a brush comprised of various colors of Congo Hair, also from FTD, and Angel Hair mixed in for some flash. I'm hoping big Bluegills and Bass will like this offering.
  5. The hen on the far right must be impressed as she seems to be "sprucing up" with an early morning dust bath:-).
  6. I've found 34 gauge beading wire to be a good size for brushes, 34 gauge measures out about .007 of an inch thick. Medium Ultra wire measures .012 of an inch. Small Ultra wire measures .065 and for me would be perfect except it's to expensive to make a ton of brushes with (at least to me). Darice 34 gauge beading wire works out really nice and can be found much cheaper. http://www.google.com/products/catalog?q=Darice+34+gauge+beading+wire&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=18125717061035594990&sa=X&ei=5uGET7jvEunu2gWk86CKCQ&ved=0CI0BEPMCMAI
  7. Got mine today! Great swap guys, some beautiful flys, thanks all and a special thanks to Li'lDave for hosting.
  8. Gorgeous flys FF'J! I have a couple small minnow type flies I've tied up out of some poly yarn I'm taking down to a pond after posting this but the quality isn't that great, I took some pictures but I don't want to post them till I get a better understanding of how to work this material and I'm still waiting for the congo hair. These brushes are addicting, I really need to be tying nymphs but I'm hung up on this stuff:-). But, as I've read, sparse seems to be the key, I tend to go a bit overboard and get the materials to dense in the brush but I'm learning. Thanks again for posting your flies.
  9. I have recently built a dubbing brush twister thingy and am busy trying to learn how to use it. The tail of this fly is a magnum white rabbit strip and the brush is made of arctic fox tail because I didn't have any rabbit fur long enough. The ability to embed flash into the brush and thus into the body is very cool. I'm still trying to make a good brush out of synthetic materials. I have some congo hair on order to try out.
  10. I got my flies today and they are so cool, great work everybody! Thank you for hosting Forrest:-).
  11. Forrest, my flies were mailed yesterday, the 13th, if the swap doesn't fill up please keep the ones left over. Thank you for organizing this swap!
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