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  1. Steve built 2 7’spinning rods for my wife and me. Not only do they feel great in the hand, they cast great. They handle walleyes and bass and are a joy to fish. Tom
  2. +1 to what Chug said. I have not fished for trout in over 20 years, but still really enjoy and appreciate them.
  3. Mike Very creative. Let us know how they work.
  4. How’s everyone’s weather? We have been having good snow which hopefully will help put some water back into the lakes and streams. After snowblowing for the last three days the plows came around and filled up the bottom of the driveway.
  5. Terrific sculpzilla and exceptional pictures.
  6. Darrell, I was complimenting you and not signing up for the swap. I stopped fishing for trout a number of years ago and have given away my materials and hooks. The smallest fly I tie is size 2. Sorry for the confusion. Tom
  7. Mark, Terrific report. A lot of fun for the four of you and it looks like you have some mighty fine eating there. Tom
  8. Welcome to the site from Minneapolis. I chase smallies and muskies. Looking forward to seeing your posts. Tom
  9. Terrific swap. Thanks to Niveker for posting the pictures. It is nice to see the wonderful work people do.
  10. Some seriously good food in this thread! Tom
  11. This swap is a really nice idea to keep Dave in our thoughts. Tom
  12. What a great start to the month. Thanks to everyone for posting. Tom
  13. Welcome from Minnesota. This is a very supportive website. One of the best ways to improve your skills is to participate in the fly swaps. We encourage all people to post pictures of the flies they tie. Like I said, you will find that people are supportive of what you post. Tom
  14. Kevin, It is great that you are back! Have you been fishing and tying? You were a wonderful tyer and I have missed seeing your flies. You were very kind and helpful, getting me to understand articulated flies. I also appreciated our talks about my transitioning into a grandfather. My grandson is now five and I gave him his first fly casting lesson this summer. He has set a goal for himself to do a float trip for smallies when he is seven with guides Stu or Eric. Next summer we will put more effort into it. Welcome back! Tom
  15. I ordered supplies for musky lures yesterday from Lure Parts Online yesterday at 10:30 am. They ship from their Illinois warehouse and it arrived this morning in Minneapolis at 11:45. Speedy Delivery did a great job. My wife, however ordered something from LL Bean and tracking shows it arrived in Minneapolis on 11/25 and the tracking says it had a “sortation” problem and the package is in Charlotte, NC. I could walk to the UPS distribution center and pick it up by now.
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