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  1. Does THUMPING Oklahoma still mean WVU isn't in the same league as the "big boys"? :headbang: As long as Pat White is healthy, the only team that can beat West Virginia is West Virginia. For all you WVU fans out there, the entire Cardinal Nations (plus the entire Big East I suspect, 'cept Pitt fans maybe) were rooting their asses off for the EERs. By the way Redwings, thanks for Ron English! Louisville needs all the help on Defense we can get! Hopefully our offseason changes (we have a new Offensive Coordinator too) will help Louisville get back to form.
  2. The kayak I end up getting can be no longer than 12.5 feet. The reason? I live in an apartment and have no place to put a longer one, and I refuse to pay $85 per month for a garage just so I can have a place to put a long kayak. A 12.5 footer will force me to do some slight rearranging in my living room, but it will fit (not that I have much; being very recently a poor college kid and still quite a bit in debt from moving states twice in the past 2 and a half months all I have is a couch, a coffee table, an end table, a TV, and a little TV table). A 10 footer will fit with no rearranging, plus I could get some risers for my bed and stash it under my bed (though it will poke out from the foot of the bed quite a bit. What are some good kayaks in that range?
  3. I'm not saying that the only way to catch big fish is to use small flies and lures (I too have caught big fish on small lures), but I do feel that the guys/gals out there consistently catching the hawgs are using meal-sized offerings. I'm not talking about 12" flies either, just nice sized offerings (for trout, for example, the 2"-4" range).
  4. So far, for Shrimp immitations I'm gonna just do what I do for Crawfish immitations. Something buggy. I've never actually tied a Spey style fly. From the few I've seen though, it seems like you could adapt them easily to look like a crawfish or a shrimp. I might have to try my hand at them sometime. I'm thinking along the lines of half and halfs (both shrimp and baitfish colors), bunny leeches, bugger style flies, etc... Crab immitations though... I'm gonna have to look at them more.
  5. I just tried the YouTube link and it said it didn't exist. :dunno: I've never actually fished the White (though it's on the list). I'm also in Georgia or I'd love to join. Thanks for the offer though! I've been a jerkbait and streamer fishing junkie on Cumberland River in Kentucky, and I know from my experiences and the experiences of many people who know a lot more about fishing than I do that big Trout need big meals, no matter where they live. I'd never go trout fishing without some streamers. It's my favorite form of fishing. Speaking of which, I've got a few more flies to tie tonight. I'm going fishing tomorrow and I have some Sheepshead and Redfish that need their lips pierced. :headbang:
  6. That would be AWESOME!!!!! I'd LOVE to se UGA loose to Hawaii. There are a ton of UGA grads around Savannah and at Gulfstream so I'd love to see them squirm. GO WARRIORS!!!
  7. I'll take a look at that when I'm not at work and can actually access YouTube. You don't have to live near the salt to use saltwater flies though. Take a saltwater fly and start pounding the White River with it. Chances are you'll run into trout that'll scare the begezzes outta you. Not only in size, but surprise too. A giant trout flying out of nowhere and visciously hammering a streamer is one of the coolest things in fishing (far cooler than fishing dries IMO). My favorites are scaled down versions in the 3" range, give or take, but you don't have to scale down if you want a monster. There's a guy who fishes Cumerland River for Trout in Kentucky. He uses 8"-10" streamers (sparsely tied) and big-ass deceivers when he wants to wrangle with a true hawg of a Brown. He also has a line-class record Striper to his credit (Gerry McDaniels is the guy's name). Check this out: Think this guy's gonna get the bulk of his nutrition and meals off of BWO's and Midges?
  8. I have a new reason to despise West Virginia. THEY LOST TO FUGGIN PITTSBURGH!!!!! THEY SHOULD'VE KILLED PITTSBURGH! On that note I have a newfound despisation (I don't wanna use the word hate) for Pittsburgh too. Even worse is that ohio state is now in the title game. I despise ohio state. I SO wanted to see West Virginia win the national title. :wallbash: If ohio state wins it I think I'm gonna dig my eyeballs out with a spork.
  9. I spent the last two summers working on roofs working as a commercial roofer in the armpit of America known as the Ohio River Valley, which if you've never been there isn't exactly mild and dry in the summer. I'll be conditioned well enough for the heat I think. If I get hot, I'll just jump in the ocean! :headbang:
  10. I'm in Savannah. There's no drought in Savannah because of a big damn ocean.
  11. That's where I lived in Iowa! Neat city. I certainly wouldn'tve minded living in Des Moines. However, Savannah, Georgia is definitely a cooler city to live in. You have the beach 30 minutes away and downtown Savannah is BREATHTAKINGLY beautiful! Not to mention I like my job a lot more here.
  12. I'm currently trying to get my last UPS paycheck sent down here to Savannah. Hopefully it won't be too hard. I was curious as to what the weather is like today in Iowa. The weather right now in Iowa? 19 degrees. Windchill of 5 degrees. The weather right here in Savannah? 66 degrees. I was just outside in shorts and a sweatshirt and a sweatshirt is too warm. Yup, I moved to Savannah at the PERFECT time!
  13. I'm thinking about buying a digital camera. Since I'll be using it around water so much I figure I might as well get one that's waterproof so I don't have to worry about getting it wet. I'm eyeing the Pentax Optio W30. Are there any other good ones out there?
  14. I don't mean to hijack the thread, but how does the Scott A2 do in the salt? I've only caught 12"-14" Striper on it in the Ohio River. I'm gonna have to find a fly shop to hit up here in the Savannah area so I can tie some shrimp patterns. I'd love to try it out! I'm antsy to try it out on some Trout and Reds!
  15. I was SOOOO rooting for Arkansas in that game! That now gives West Virginia a slot in the title game if they play normally and crush Pitt! Yes I am a Louisville fan, but I'd much rather see someone in the Big East play for the national Title than anyone else. Well, anyone but UConn. Damn cheaters.
  16. Thanks for the tips! So far the only places I've found to bank fish have a lot of rocks and/or oysters, but I've only been fishing twice. I think banks I'll be restricted to those areas though. the thought of slogging through knee-deep mud in the grassy flats doesn't exactly sound like fun to me. Once I get a kayak (planning on that this spring) I'll be able to fish the grassy flats and other areas like that. I'm gonna have to learn how to tie crab immitations. What lines do you all like for fishing for Reds and Trout? I think for now I'm gonna be using a 200 grain Teeny line since I'll be bank fishing and I'll need to get it down quicker in the current. My only floating line for my 8wt is a SA Ultra4 Bass Bug Taper. Would that be good for Reds and Trout?
  17. Terry, I consider my move a VERY long term vacation! :headbang: I love my new job, I love the company I work for (Gulfstream), and I love the Savannah area! This was a great move for me. Stinky, I sure wouldn't mind cleaning up that mess.
  18. Thanks for the links JJD! And day5, I can't WAIT to hook into a redfish! Hopefully it'll happen sometime this month!
  19. Now that you mention it, the tide was going out when I was there. Does the weather channel or something have the tide info? How do I find out when the tide will come in and come out?
  20. I'm brand spanking new to fishing the salt and moved to Savannah, Georgia about 2 weeks ago. Seeing that there is a ton of fantastic trout and redfish in the area, I'd be stupid to not take advantage of it! What are some good flies for Reds and Trout? My initial guess would be Clousers, Deceivers, and Woolly Buggers (dumbbell eyes on the buggers and clousers to avoid as many oysters as I possibly can). I just read a post saying that epoxied spoon flies work great on the flats. I know the Clouser, Bendback, Deceiver, E.P.-style streamers, etc... are well renowned in the salt, but I'm really looking for some good shrimp patterns. I'd guess those same style flies tied in Shrimp colors would do the trick, and Bugger style flies look like they'd be a KILLER Shrimp immitation if tied in shrimpy colors. Learn me some good trout and redfish patterns! Thanks!
  21. I went over to Tybee Island this evening (I live in Savannah, Georgia) to do a little fishing. I should've gotten there quite a bit earlier but I farted around and wasted too much time today doing nothing. Anywho, I hiked off the highway about 1/4 mile to this place a local tackle shop said had really good bank fishing. 2 guys were already there and they had a cooler full of trout already off of live shrimp. I wasn't having any luck at all with a 4" Berkley Gulp shrimp and a 1/4 oz leadhead jig. I was just dead-drifting it. I ended up switching over to a pearl 5" Sluggo on the same jighead. No luck. The guy at the bait shop told me to work it slow, but slow obviously wasn't working. So I started working it like I normally would work a Sluggo. about 10 casts later, BAM! An 18" Trout nailed it! I've heard that Spots don't fight very well, but I've gotta say I was impressed! That fish was a lot of fun to catch! If Redfish fight that much harder, I can't wait to hook into one of them! :headbang: Of course I didn't have a camera with me. :wallbash: My first Georgia trout! I was pumped up to pop my cherry with a good fish like that one! The locals call big spots "gators". I'm not sure if 18" would be considered a gator, but since it's my first trout I'm calling it a gator. One other good thing about this spot, there is plenty of room to cast a fly! :headbang: I need to find me some good Shrimp patterns. Looks like I get to seriously break in my 8wt! It's about time! I bought that rod in kentucky and barely used it! it's a Scott A2 to boot! I have a feeling that rod will come in handy when I hook into a good Redfish! :headbang: Oh, I also got eaten alive by sand gnats. Looks like I'm gonna have to wear waders and long sleeve shirts and a hat and invest in some more Avon Skin-so-soft.
  22. After doing a VERY detailed budget, I've officially found my boat! A kayak. I need to get a few raises and find a roommate here in Savannah before I can realistically think about buying a real boat. I simply can't float saving money, maxing out my 401k, paying my rent, paying off student loans, and buying (and maintaining) a boat. Something has to give and the boat is it. Moving to a new city where you know absolutely no one is expensive as hell! I'll have to start checking out kayaks. Sean Juan PMed me a list of some good fishing kayaks. I'll check them out. I CAN afford a pimped-out kayak at least. :headbang: I'm also thinking of going the car-with-an-aftermarket-roof-rack-for-my-kayak route. It'll be a lot cheaper to own and maintain than a truck!
  23. So you're saying that a 17' boat would do great for the fishing I'll be doing? Smaller boats would be cheaper all around (initial investment and $$ in upkeep). A cheaper boat means more $ for fishing trips and retirement and a home and (in the future) a wife and my kids' education and... A 21' boat would be really nice but I'm dead set on living within my means. Before I buy a boat I'm going to replace my Jeep and settle into a financial rhythm to see how much I'd be willing to spend. I have a suspicion I'd be strongly leaning on the smaller side if the smaller boats are just as safe as you're saying that Boston Whaler is. When push comes to shove I'd take a boat I can actually afford over a big badass boat that I can barely pay for any day of the week.
  24. By my initial rough calculations a Ford F-150 XLT 2wd with the 5.4, extended cab (not 4 door) and your basic XLT package or a little more should be doable since I get the Ford X-Plan. :headbang:
  25. I didn't have much to do today so I checked out another boat dealership. They sell Sea Chaser boats (affiliated with Carolina Skiff apparently). They had a 21' Bay Boat (12" draft) for the low-mid 20's. The Sea Chaser 220BR. After drilling him on the general/average loan specs (just getting info) that's probably within my reach financially (the last thing I want to do is live out of my means. Saving money is very important to me too). Operating costs and long term costs are also important to me. They use Suzuki 4 strokes and the come with (I think) 6 year warranties, which is DEFINITELY a good thing. They said it's their most popular boat and you can do a lot of different fishing in it. He said that the longer boats ride a lot better in choppy seas than the shorter boats, which would be a good thing. Would you all recommend a longer boat over a shorter one? The extra deck space sure would be nice too. We'll see though. I'll have to check out thost Boston Whalers too, travbass.
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