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  1. I want to try and do a fly swap and have people tie 6 of their favorite saltwater flies and then send 6 diffrent flies from other people to the poeple participating in the fly swap. does anyone have any ideas on how to start this. i also want to hold a contest where people send in there top 3-6 flies that are there favorite and that they use with a short description on what fly they use for what and then who's ever fly i find to be the best i give them a $50 visa gift card or a $50 gift card for orvis, cabelas, or bass pro but to make the competition more fair i would want between 20-60 people and if there is around 50 people the gifts card price would go to $75 or $100 for 60. is this possible to do those? how would i get those started? --aaron
  2. that is pretty cool could people tie a variety of diffrent flies rather than the same one. also can anyone hold a fly swap?
  3. im confused what is swapping flies on here mean?
  4. You guys are great thanks too all. p.s. do you really cut of road kills tails such as racoons. what is your proceder to disinfect it? how do you keep all the hair facing in the same direction after you cut it? -aaron
  5. I fish for reds, tarpon, snook, seatrout, etc... and i want a variety of materials for a cheap low price and i find j stockard to be a little steep on some items but others are good. could someone possibly make a wishlist and send it to me or make a list of some materials i need to make majority of saltwater flies i live in SW florida.
  6. Hi, i am looking for a list of things i should buy to make majority of flies. i live in SW florida and the water is saltwater and i live on the gulf side. i fish for snook, tarpon, redfish, trout, etc.... Could someone possibly go on a website and make a wishlist ans save it under there email or such and tell me it so i can look it up and buy the stuff or just name a bunch of things i should get. i have all threads and tools and such i just need materials! thanks Aaron!
  7. Thank a bunch and "agn54" what is your formula that you use to catch trout i mean practically anything will catch them but it always nice to know another fly.
  8. Where is a good and cheap place that sells fly material prominently for saltwater flies but everything i guess? I am looking for the cheapest possible.
  9. hey, I am looking for a video for the most part on creating this fly but a formula would work well also. -Aaron Thanks!
  10. i cant seem to find a good description of it... a lil more help please like step by step instructions or just materials list aaron
  11. Hey, I am looking for a good DC Wiggler pattern and possibly some pics of yours that you tied. Please help they are so effective on redfish. thanks, Aaron!
  12. Hey, could you give the pattern formula for the last fly. ( it is the third picture from the bottom) Thanks!
  13. Very nice flies i used a pattern similar to this recently and landed some nice snook and tarpon on them.
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