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  1. I like the colors on your 'emerald shiner'. Will have to run off a few in 6 or 8 size for bluegill.
  2. Yeah, I am watching the topic now, so will try to jump in when someone starts another....
  3. I am new to the forum and tying in general. Would like to see if someone wants to start a swap. (I can't because I have not participated yet) Am tying up some bass streamers in smaller sizes 6-8 in anticipation of big bluegill bites. Baby-Baby Bass Lefty's Little Deciever Anyone interested to start the ball rolling?
  4. Don't let em get to you. I may do some side by side comparison next year to test your theory. When fishing for big bass on the fly I look for the reaction bite with streamers. I don't see attractant as a big help here because it's the quick, gills flared engulfing hit as the bait flashes past or falls. But....I have watched a largemouth sit under a big deer hair bug for 5 or more minutes just looking at it. Then for no reason BAM! No motion (by me) just smash it. I have also seen them look at it like that and then just swim away. Here some attractant may help because he may be processing the info more. Of course the third option is that I don't have a clue! But, it's just what I have seen and I try to learn from it....
  5. I have been fly fishing for 35 years now. Tied my first flies in the last month or so. October 9th I caught my first fish on a fly I tied. Don't often get excited about a 12" bass, but that was cool! It was also on a pond that I just recieved permission to fish! Can't see it in the pic too well, but it's a baby bass pattern from Lefty Kreigh. Looking for Southern Illinois or similar climate fly fishers, who have specefic patterns for bass and panfish. I puddle jump from farm pond to farm pond and stay away from the 'fly boys' on the big lakes for the most part.
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