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  1. Very interesting. Thanks for the link. No source for this material in the US?
  2. What is special about it - compared to other rabbit fur? And, where do you get it?
  3. I haven't done a "poll" post before so I'm not sure this will come out right. Nope, I goofed something up - where did my poll questions go Will?
  4. Thanks for the feedback guys. I have lined up an opportunity to cast one soon and am looking forward to it.
  5. Good point Crotalus. Done.
  6. No Steve, I haven't read it either and agree that it looks interesting.
  7. anybody fish this rod? any comments? preferred line?
  8. For standard patterns: olive wooly bugger zoo cougar I also fish a variety of wooly bugger-based variants of my own "design" (but they are basically still buggers) I have not fished it a lot but I do like a madonna a lot too. And I fish some rabbit and squirrel strip flies that are very similar to a slump buster.
  9. has anyone read this? any comments on it?
  10. Bump What, no one likes their LAW vice????
  11. That's a toughy Matt. I can't say that I have ONE classic pattern that is truely my favorite, nor one that I dislike above all others (though there are a lot that just don't do it for me ). So, half in the interest of addressing the question and half to pick something different from what has already been posted: Favorite - Blacker's "A Silver Grey Fly" - simple but elegant Dislike - grub patterns - though they might fish well I suppose It would be fun to add to the list people's favorite free style pattern and least favorite. Maybe for another thread... Oh, and one more thing, a well tied Dee ROCKS :yahoo:
  12. Does anyone have a pattern for a stonefly nymph imitation called a GM Nymph? I am not familiar with the pattern so I don't have much else to go on. Someone on another forum is looking for it and I thought someone here might know. If so I will pass it on. A photo would be great too if that is readily available. Thanks,
  13. :hyst: Matt's post and the responses are quite interesting. I have been tying on an HMH and also an AK Best vice for the last 12 years or so and I do like both of them. I would have to say that they can both mar the finish on good hooks though - even when using both a mylar and a paper/waxed paper sheath. So I too have been thinking about whether or not I want a new vice. And the LAW vice is what I have been thinking about. I tied on one for maybe 15 minutes back in the late 90's and at the time I was not taken with it. I don't recall that it held (or didn't) hooks any better than anything else. Also, I have always tied on a "traditional" configuration vice and have never used a rotary so I am not sure I'd be comfortbale with the way your materials hand (non-thread hand) rests on the vice while holding wings, etc for tye-in (hope that makes sense to readers). But that was long time ago and I really don't remember it all that well. So, I want all of you LAW vice users to post here why you like the thing so darned much anyhow!!! Though I've got to admit I don't know if I'd buy one without having a bit of time on it first. Thanks for your input, Dave
  14. Wonderful composition, great floss work, superb fly. I can't see the frayed floss, but you wouldn't make such a point of it if it weren't there. Save it from the scalpel long enough to make another copy
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