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  1. got some gco fly boxes and hooks nice boxes for the money
  2. thank you for all your work you do
  3. nice fish looks like you had a good time
  4. thank you for the input on the hooks
  5. any one use the hooks from greencaddis are they worth buying some to try
  6. cmb18895

    tfo bvk

    good rod for the money i have 6wt and 7wt for lake fishing
  7. very nice looks like a good time
  8. nice job glad to see the 1wt rod talked to you this week about same rod
  9. sent my waders back thru the fly shop it took about 2 weeks call simms or talk to a dealer
  10. get charlie craven basic fly tying book
  11. good read looks like you have a nice fly shop
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