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  1. Now thats talent. You made PVC look good LOL. I am really loving the rod it is so beuatiful. And the tube you made is really nice too. I would of never even thought of doing something like that for a tube.
  2. tidewaterfly, those are some pretty sweet looking C minows. Seeing your picture, I think I might try tying some up of your ideas to add to the collection. :-)
  3. WOW, really good looking fly there. I have been looking at some flies like this. I am definitely going to try this one out. :-)
  4. Ok, so the wife says lets go fish and I said why not this weekend. It was windy so I took my spinner out and a new lure (still practicing when I can with the fly rod). I am having to kick myself and pick my jaw up off the floor. I was getting the impression that fishing higher line weights was a waste here in my backyard creek and ponds in Little Elm Texas. OK, to those of you, you told me so, LOL. I have not even baughten a net yet because of all the little Blue GIlls we catch. So I caught a six pound Bass, a fourish pound Bass, and a 5ish pound cat out of a pond everyone says don't fish it has nothing in it. Tonight my wife caught 2 large Bass from that same pond tonight that were bigger than the big guy I caught... Heres the big one I caught, wife snapped off shot while I took out the hook.
  5. Still looking sweet as hell. I can not wait till I can get my hobby money back to start my rod. Watching you build this one is such great inspiration and making me wanting to dive right in. :-)
  6. what are the materials you are using. That almost looks like purple died stripped herl??
  7. Sweet. Thank you. And I cant wait to see the finished rod. :-)
  8. That is turning out so beautifull. I wouldnt have the nerve to fish it, LOL. Id probably just hang it on a wall and show everyone. I am curious though, do you have to worry about the varnish turning yellow or cracking on the cork?? Im guessing not, and what kind of varnish was that you are using?? Oh and what thread do you use by the way??
  9. WOW Steve. I just got my computer back up and running and come to check out your rod. I'll have to take a few more days off to get my jaw back up off the floor now. :-)
  10. Definitely looking forward to your next post. It will be helpful to see one built as you go. :-)
  11. Those are very nice utyer. Simple easy and very buggy. :-)
  12. Really pretty. Simple and elegant. :-)
  13. Id have to agree. I too spend 90% or better on J Stockard supplies. I also think that you tie as good as you tie, if anything a poor picture just makes you look like a hell of a lot better tier than that...
  14. Thats a nice looking fly :-)
  15. That is so beuatiful and simple. I really like the video links. Look forward to your next posts. :-)
  16. I am looking at the Dynaking Ultimate Indexer as well for my second vise. Kinda like buying an expensive sports car, but hey it doesnt cost as much as one.
  17. I'll third that one J Stockard all the way. I only outsource for things they do not carry, but you will find most of what you are looking for from them.
  18. Nice tie. Now if only mine came out that good LOL
  19. Really nice bugs. Definitely a fish catcher. :-)
  20. Thanks Steve. I am going to have to hit you up for some rod wrapping ideas in a few months when I get stuff to build my first rod. :-) I saw some of your pics on the other site, they are sweet.
  21. Does anyone use the Orvis Hi Vis orange dacron backing?? I am curious, in the reviews a few people had mentioned it bleeding orange the first time it got wet or they rinsed their reel. I am wondering would it be a good idea to rinse and dry this line before putting on the reel or would that not help the problem??
  22. I went ahead and bought it. Orvis had their Silver Label Hy FLoat Line on sale for 25 dollars. Got a WF6F fl yellow, a 200 yrd spool of 20lb hi viz orange dacron backing, and the line cleaner. Hopefully that will ease my learning curve and make this easier for getting into fly fishing. I have my eye on a few rod kits for later when my budget gets back to normal. Eventually maybe get that orvis access mid arbor reel too. They seem to have good stuff for decent prices. That cheap line from the shakespear kit is frustrating. It casted semi decent but took a lot of effort on the lawn, when on the water it curls up and then when I go to load the rod and get it into a backcast half the time i wind up with it all pilled on me, the curls causing it to not load the rod I am suspecting (still really new to all this). Well at least this way I can play with the orvis stuff and see if I like it enough to want to keep buying their stuff.
  23. OK now I am laughing. That is exactly what this is a shakespear kit that cost 35 dollars from walmart. I just get the opinion that the reel and the rod not being the greatest is still good enough to learn on for now. But that line is just so questionable to me.
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