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  1. Inspired by flytire. I haven't thought about a Carmichael in ages. I agree with your assessment of cree vrs brown/griz hackle. I'm gonna crank a few of these out.
  2. Way to go Mark! My son and I watch "Forged" and your episode was awesome. Did they let you keep the stuff you made?
  3. That's a pretty dang good day. I've caught my share of grayling on the Big Hole the last 50 plus years. What a beautiful fish. I didn't listen to it but I see you're using a stubby leader right?
  4. Rainbow warrior is very cool!
  5. I like the pussycat. Simple but I think that thing would fish. I was just looking at pheasant feathers wondering what I could come up with. Good timing.
  6. I'll give you 10 bucks for that cabinet under the window ha ha. Nice.
  7. Again, thanks for sharing your awesome work
  8. Aside from the superfine detail, I appreciate the colors on your bug photos. They look exactly like the actual bugs that I encounter. Are you going to do any PMD's later?
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