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  1. Tom Morgan gave me a graphite Winston 8' 4 weight years ago (along with a couple others). It was a prototype rod that he built. I love the thing and fished the hell out of it. As you know Tom passed away a couple of years ago. I am afraid to fish it now for fear of breakage but I'm sure he would want me to. I also have my late fathers old glass rod that I pull out on his birthday. I also have my late brothers rod that I built for him back in the 80's that I will fish now and again.
  2. hey Heff2 Your Almost Swim Fly looks like an articulated Gartside Soft Hackle Streamer. Am I close? I have always thought of trying one of those.
  3. It's funny. Many moons ago I went from Powerflex to Powerflex Plus and back to Powerflex again. I loved Powerflex but thought Powerflex Plus would be even better. It might be, but not for me. Even my clinch knots were weaker. I notice different guys like different stuff and I think it's in the way we tie our knots differently. Then again, I'm probably plum loco.
  4. Poopdeck I'm happy to see that you didn't duck this challenge.
  5. This has been a dilemma for me for over half a century. It usually comes down to me parring down my gear and then I'm happy. Gear and too many flies can really get to be a burden. I either go big with a sling pack or very small with a cheap butt pack. Love the small butt pack.
  6. That looks like a fun stick.
  7. Jaydub and TSMcDougald ----- nice flies!
  8. Beautiful Green Drake, Jaydub
  9. Next fly: Your favorite Green Drake adult
  10. hook: 1x or 2x long nymph hook lead or substitute: 1/2 length of the shank thread: red or black 8/0 (I like small diameter thread on this fly to avoid a large head build up) tail: brown goose biots rib: small gold oval tinsel or wire body: peacock hackle: brown hen neck horns?: white goose biots gold bead optional I like these with and without beads but always weighted. The fly has accounted for more fish for me than any fly I have ever fished. I've tried a few flies over the last 60 years. I consider resin or epoxy on the head a must as it likes to fall apart at the head. I also add a tiny ball of bright orange rabbit dubbing at the tail to split the biots and add a tiny hot spot. Also, I point the white biots up.
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