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  1. Just got my order in for 400 hooks of varying sizes and boy was I surprise on the quality. I was extremely pleased plus I earned 3 free fly boxes which I need. Now I know where I am going to buy my future Hooks. Look forward to the new hook types. Great customer service
  2. Try looking at the Fine Point Conversion for the Nor Vise. It does small to large hooks and gives more access to the hook.
  3. I am new to the tying world only been doing tying for about a year but is the most relaxing thing I do. I started with a Dyna King Pro and I enjoyed it. Then I went to the Dyna King Barracuda and found it did things easier for me then the pro but I still used the pro when I do large straight flies. After reading and listening to other tyers I tried the Nor Vise and turned out that I do about 85% of my tying on it and love it. I found for me that no vise does everything for the way I tye. So What I am trying to say you need to find the vise that best suits you. When I got my Nor vise it was different than what I was use to but with the videos and other tyers help I found that is the vise I use the most.
  4. Again Thanks for all the great advice. I ended up and brought two, the trout in stainless steel and the salmon with the ceramic tip. They are great so far I like the ability of using the spool instead of loading a spool.
  5. Thanks for the great information. The reason I am asking I just got a nor vise but do not like the bobbin. I am new to the tying world and I like to tye large 3/0 to small 14 size files. I use a rite bobbin right now but they do not lend to the feature of a Nor Vise. Thanks again for the pro and con
  6. I am looking at the Ekich Automatic Bobbin, does any one have one and what do they think of it. I know it is a little costly. Thanks
  7. I like the rite bobbin I have two of them. To me not only are they ceramic but you can easily adjust the tension. I just got a Nor Vise bobbin but have not used it yet.
  8. Both will help. Especially a light. I use a high intensity light that I got for Christmas. As I got older I began to use a Headset magnifier. Both of these are up to how well your area is lighted and how will you can see the small hooks.
  9. Hope you like my try at a Mantuka style. I call it a Purple Mantuka. Wing Silver Pheasant Purple Feather Body Crystal Chenelle over Pheasant Herl Throat Red Yarn Hackle Rooster Saddle Natural Furnace Thread Black Uni
  10. Thanks for the advice JSzymczyk, I appreciate all I can get. I fish for everything I can here in CA. I do Delta Fishing for stripers. Thanks again.
  11. Hi Everyone. I am new to this fly tying but I had half a room and this is what I cam up with in 1 1/2 months so far. The new database is great and gives one some great ideas Happy Holidays to all
  12. Hi Everyone Merry Holidays. I am new to the fly tying side, have been tying only 1 1/2 months now but her are may first submissions.
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