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  1. hey leaky waders and crotalus just to let you know i had a tec problem on the site which i wasn't aware off and had not received the order details from paypal (i usually get a mail when i get a sale and act on it straight away so was oblivious to the fact there was a problem until i got the message from leaky the fault has been sorted and i have included some free stuff to those who have had to wait .....as soon as i found out i also put a notice on the front page of the site ive now also changed the way the order system works so i get 2 separate notifications from now on ................many thanks
  2. hi buddy I don't charge for shipping to the usa and you can pay in us dollors via paypal ...................no whammys at all there :-)
  3. thanks folks ...........................and the bugs say hi also :-)
  4. i have a bug problem a subbug problem the pike have no problem with my problem
  5. had a great season last year on my fried alive baitfish so i needed to replenish the box as i gave bucket loads away , so decided to add a few new colors to the shoal starting with this silver and blue pattern tied on a 1/0 this is all i have left in the box , can you guess what the killer color was lol more as i do them
  6. save me a seat on the plane fellas
  7. and i did one in orange/yellow he he as well i custom mixed the gliss n glint orange with a yellow synthetic and added a bit of gold magnum flashbou .... thanks for the comments
  8. 16 inch articulated tandem 8/0 jackpike using the new blend of lindsay jackpike gliss and glint plus , every now and again i tie some monster sized flies and it was seeing bens articulated musky ties i got hot for the vice again............. thanks for the inspiration Ben
  9. stole some decorations of the christmas tree this year (as i do most years) and used the sparkly ball decorations as eyes dont tell my crazy wife what i did please
  10. just the pictures ..........has a nice hard head on it
  11. tied up some DNA baitfish today , these are smaller as far as pike flies go only being around 4 inchs long but work very well for esox on my local loch ,the heads are made with deercreeks diamond hard uv resin and tied on 1/0 hooks
  12. thanks for the comments , the dumbbell ones do track upside down i can fish these hard on the bottom without them snagging up kinda like a jig
  13. very nice looking flies id fish those in a heartbeat good job
  14. been holed up in the cave bad weather stopping me chasing green meanies heres a few ideas ive come up with enjoy
  15. good job like the nose colour
  16. thanks for letting me know that should be ok now joe .........
  17. id like to wish all my american freinds a very happy new year (slightly late as ive been working) and heres my last ties of 2012
  18. riffleriversteelheadslayer i get a few lol
  19. thanks peter , i just did in in ms paint using the resize feature reduced it by 50% a couple of times. i didnt realise it was a problem till this post so i will use it in future for this forum thanks again folks
  20. ahh OK here's a test one I've tried to re-size for the older anglers amongst us
  21. how did you do that .........................
  22. lol listen sorry about the size but that the only way i can get the pictures on here ........... anyway the fly pattern in question was tested yesterday and i must say its the most life like fly ive ever done it glides fron side to side when stripped and wobbles on its side when twitched along , i dont often blow my own trumpet but this thing is awesome
  23. thanks i love tying with naturals get a great sense of achievement with them i think a few more will be getting tied , trouble is i give loads away when im out fishing so i really should stock up lol
  24. today I've stepped away from synthetics and tied up some monster 10 inch naturals just for a change , these hopefully will be swimming with Mr green soon
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