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  1. Ahh, yes, I see it now. I knew what the Krystal Flash was and now I see the other. Good stuff. Thanks guys!
  2. Those are sweeeeet :headbang: :headbang: !!!! Anyone know what the tail fibers are? Looks like EP or Congo Hair to me, but I'm not sure.
  3. I don't get to fish for smallies as much as I'd like to but I do know a few largemouth bass that would eat that :headbang: . I wouldn't trim too much more though. Remember, you can always take more off later if you need to, but it's really hard to put more on at this stage.
  4. TerryLee

    Hey y'all!!

    Just in the neighborhood and thought I'd stop by and say hello!! Hope you are all doing well!! I hope to finally be able to be more active here and on TFF too. I guess we'll see how it goes. Take care, Terry
  5. Smallies? In Mississippi? Outside of Pickwick Lake I doubt there are any there. I'm just sayin'.......
  6. sounds like you need to give up trout and fine tune your smallie fishin and chase 3 4 and 5+ pound smallies! What day5 said :headbang:
  7. I posted this at TFF too, but thought I'd put it here for anyone who doesn't get over there much. Just what it says, I'm looking for someone to take me fishing in Jacksonville over Labor Day Weekend. If you're interested let me know. Thanks, Terry
  8. I looked for it but didn't find it. Got any pictures?
  9. I love these flys but I never seem to get the size bass that I think I should on them. I usually still do better with poppers, sliders and divers. I still love 'em though.
  10. I'd like to see that mirrolure fly and I think I'll try your suggestion of an intermediate line to eliminate the hinge. I think that has been holding me back in those situations when I try to make a Deceiver act like a fluke or similar lure. Regarding big vs small flys, if you go big you have to be willing to accept that you won't get near as many bites as you would with a smaller fly (most days anyway) but the fish that you get to bite have a good chance at being bigger/better ones.
  11. I use a Deceiver as was mentioned before for this very thing, as a sub for a Zoom Super Fluke. It works pretty good, not as good as the plastic :sick: but well enough to keep my attention.
  12. Fred and Roger thank you for your responses and great information. Now I have to pick a few patterns to try out. Thanks again!! Terry
  13. Here's an easy one (I hope) for you bug guys. I always see different colors of dragon flys around the ponds I fish at. My question is two-fold. First, if there are a lot of dragon flys around a given pond is it safe to assume that there are dragon nymphs in the same pond? Also, if the dragon flys are a particular color does the color of the nymph correlate with the color of the dragon fly that came from it? I hope this is as easy as it sounds. Thanks, Terry
  14. One piece of advice that someone gave me that proved true. If you take a kid fishing, yours or someone else's, don't plan on fishing yourself. Focus on teaching the kid, not on fishing yourself, particularly on the first couple of trips.
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