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  1. The spring is coming and the fly fishing stuff is getting ready. This is my first time as Fly Fisher….actually I cannot say that I’m a Fly fisherman yet. I’m buying all my stuff (rod, waders, wader boots, etc) and I’m looking for fly boxes. I found two styles at internet and I would like to know if you have some reviews or feedback of this fly boxes. I want to make sure that those are good ones. Thank you!!!!!
  2. Ok, here a new one! I like it and I think it will fish at the Bow River.Couple weeks ago I was fishing there and it was a midges hatch. Someone using it? Thanks! Oscar
  3. You asked if I live close and that is a yes and no. I live in Wisconsin but my close friend, Jim has a log home and a guest cabin just up from the Raynold's Pass Bridge. His place is the furthest log home you see on the right bank in the photo below. Jim was the owner of Weinbbrenner, the manufacturer of the Gary Borger Wading Boot. He passed away 2 years ago but I have an open invitation to stay at the guest cottage from his wife. Here is Jim fishing the Ross Marigold hole in 2006. He loved the Madison River. Here is Jim and now Carmen's place on the Madison. If you ever fish this area you will recognize the home. I stay in the guest cabin on the right. I also own 28 acres on a Montana spring creek I fish each year. The Three Amigos on the spring creek Hi! wow..nice history,I'm glad to heard about it. Great place and great house, but I'm sorry to heard about Jim. I'm in Calgary, AB Canada. I'm thinking maybe go to Montana to do some fishing in the summer. We're 2 hours away from the border with Montana, really I want to do it BUT I don't any place or being a foreign I can go fishing..I don't how it works. Please if you have any advice for me...it will be really appreciate. Thank you so much for share with me your history. Oscar
  4. Hi Silver Creek Thank you for share with me the history about this pattern, is really interesting to know it. By the way the place look great to go fishing. Do you live close to this place?' Thanks! Oscar
  5. umm I see, he just put the hair in the front and he didn't cut it like me. I have to be honest,give some nice shape to the head is not easy. I will try it today. Thank you! Oscar
  6. Good Morning Everyone! I hope this fly fish because I really like it. The Deer hair is not easy to tie...I'm wonder elk hair is the same, However I like it. It could be fish as an emerger or as a nymph, I'll try both a see what happen. 99 flies to go! Thanks! Oscar
  7. wow....25.000 flies...that's a lot of flies. Eventually I would like to become a commercial fly tyer...but I don't know how..let's see. Thank you for the info! I'm gonna try to contact him and find a little bit more. Check out my new pattern, Serendipity, is a nice one cheers! Oscar
  8. Hello Flytire So far my biggest challenge are heads....therefore, proportions...I need to work a lot on it. Thank you for the examples, those look sooooooooo different than mine. Thanks! Oscar
  9. Hey Fishdragon Thanks for write me, I have heard about the book, is a good one? I'm going to try it with the bead head and see how it looks. thanks! Oscar
  10. Hello! Thank you for write on my post. Is my very first time making this pattern and of course will be my firs time fishing with it. Thank you for all your info! The one in the picture is made in hook #16. Best, Oscar
  11. Hello! Yep, you're right, is a good idea, I'll do it and share the picture Thanks Oscar
  12. I want to share with you my new pattern, It's the Palomino Midge. I think is easy to tie, the only fact that I don't like about it, is that it doesn't has any weight..Anyone fished it? it Is effective?? Oscar
  13. I like this one, it has lots of step to get it done but it's a really nice one. I use a #8 2XL hook and I think works perfect for the fly. I like it. What do you all think?????
  14. My new fly is a Thin Skin Mayfly Nymph. I had many problems with the CDC that you have no idea...is someone using the magic tool with CDC? is a good one? This is my result...Honestly I don`t like.. Cheers! Oscar
  15. Hello! This is a new pattern. I think it looks great and I hope it catches fish...I'll know in a few months when trout season begins. Have a good weekend everyone. Oscar
  16. Hello Firedad! Thank you!! I will be working in my flies...I have 104 flies left..lots of fun this winter. Have a good night! Oscar
  17. Hello Flymanaj! Thanks! is my first time ever tying flies...and actually I don't have any experience with fly fishing, i will be learning in a couple months. I have the passion and the interest to learn. So far, i have 104 flies left to make before the trout season starts. Thank you for take some minutes of your night to write me. Oscar
  18. Hello Flytire I have read that we can use some kind of cleaner...do you know something about? Yes, the ribs are not good enough....I tried at the Bow River last weekend and it fall apart... Thank you for take some minutes to write me. Oscar
  19. Thank you!! I'm learning and learning, i have three months to get 109 flies done...I will share my result here.
  20. Hello H Dot Verseman! Thank for your feedback! I realize that last weekend, because I went fish at the Bow River, AB and it fall apart... Thank you for take a moment to write me. Oscar
  21. I got you! Thank you for the advice.Some people use a x-acto knife to cut it, i use my scissors, what do you use?
  22. Hello Everyone!! Flashback Callibaetis, is not a easy one...the CDC is just a tricky material to work with. Hope you like it! I have 104 flies coming...long path. Oscar
  23. Good Morning Everyone! My fourth fly in my life...I like this one! is easy to tie (...) and the contrast between the color body and the color of the wings is really nice. Happy New Year! Please, let me know what do you think. 105 flies left.. Oscar
  24. Hello Oldtrout58! Thanks for your feedback. I'm doing a Challenge,my challenge is get tie all the flies at the book "The benchside introduction to fly tying" and this book has 109 different patterns. Also, I'm writing a blog, but I cannot link it here because forum's regulations But I'm happy sharing just the photos to see what all of you think about. Thank you! Oscar Hope see That's a wonderful book to learn from. After seeing your initial attempts, I dare say that after you master those 109 flies you'll be a better fly tyer than most of us! Good on you. Oh, and I love the Bow River, I'm jealous. hahaha yes, The bow river is amazing, yesterday I caught a brown, it was around 20", really nice, the good thing about is that I was in the shore when I saw the fish coming to my fly and just....bangggggggggggg that was great! hahahaha I hope after 109 flies I can speak at the same level of all you, you're really masters with all those years in the fly fishing world...I have been fishing since I was 13, now I'm 27 and this is my first time with a fly rod and my first time with a vise and all this stuff. Hope see you around. Thank you for take a minutes to write me. Oscar
  25. Hello Chris V hahaha my curiosity about fly tying, make me do a Challenge, I'm learning with a book named "The benchside introduction to fly tying", this book has 109 patterns and when I bought this book, I just wanted to make all the flies...so I start my own CHALLENGE 109, is how I called it....I'm very happy doing all the flies, learning and sharing my passion with all of you. I have a website, in my first post I have shared the link but I cannot do it for regulations here. So, I just prefer share my photos and maybe get some feedback from you. Thank you Chris V. I'm happy that you spent some time writing me Oscar
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