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  1. Decided to come up with a new color scheme for a "plus size baitfish fly", also decided to see how it looks when wet - I think the bass are going to like this one!
  2. NP Panama! Thanks for the comments and advice. Whatever I can do to help anyone, you guys always help me out!
  3. Check out the video showing the tying method I used and the video I used.
  4. Thanks for the comments - this is how I tie my "rattle candies" - the hook point rides down, not up like a clouser would. - Cover shank with flash, holographic braid, etc - Tie in flash at hook bend - Reverse tie in supreme or ultra hair, leaving the cut end towards the eyes of the hook - Tie in rattle a tiny bit back from the hook eye (this will form head and body) - Take your synthetic hair and fold over rattle - now the body starts to come together -Wrap thread only around rattle and synthetic hair - Whip finish on the rattle, add eyes, and add clear cure goo to cover the rattle and create the body - in the water these look sweet so far!
  5. J stockard is all I use now, put in 5 orders with them....nothing but the best!
  6. Rattle baitfish flies to imitate spearing, sandeels, etc All tied on 1/0 gamo big game hooks
  7. Craft Fur and Polar Fiber Flies Imitates Killier and/or Tinker Mackrel
  8. Thanks fellows for the comments - however there is gold and silver tinsel inside the CCG heads, my pictures dont do my flies any justice lol - thanks for the advice, I either put tinsel or flash or tubing than cover it with CCG
  9. go to www.epflies.com - it is $20 bucks a year to become a member. Shows you tons of patterns, how to tie with all his materials, videos, everything you need. Also a new fly pattern is added every month
  10. Small minnow imitations for bass, blues and albacore
  11. Searched the internet for a while to get some ideas regarding a nice large profile fly to imitate herring, bunkers, snappers etc - I wanted to tie a decent size fly with a small amount of materials which gave it nice swimming action and a nice 3d view - After re-searching woolhead sculpin, woolhead minnow, and other bunker/herring imitations, this is what i came up with, let me know what you think!
  12. Cut, Sanded, Trim, small foam cylinders, colored with waterproof markers
  13. Shrimp flies for the bays and flats of Eastern Long Island Left to right.... 1 - Double eye shrimp clouser 2,3,4,5 - Different color Polar Fiber weighted and un-weighted flies with 3mm and 4mm rattles. The green shrimp was the hot color last year!
  14. All baitfish flies for bass, blues, weaks, and fluke! From left to right 1 - Baitfish fly with a clear cure goo fly lip for added swimming movements! love these! Incredible action in the h20! 2 - CCG baitfish 3 - CCG baitfish 4 - CCG baitfish 5,6,7 - Plus size baitfish, in the water all the bucktail comes together to form a large profile without having to add tons of materials, very light to cast, excellent action! Brand new pattern from the Carolinas. 8,9 - Crystal Baitfish clousers
  15. Thank ya tide, always appreciate your kind words and advice, always!
  16. Thanks brotha for the kind comments! Search "legs for days" on google, they give you a step by step pattern. Also I would post my flies I tied tonight however the cmaera battery is charging up, be sure to check out tomorrows flies, got some brand new patterns! Thanks again
  17. Absoloutley awesome brother! Now I have to get you up to Long Island for some Stripedbass and Fluke Flats fishing! You would love it! Glad you caught em up! Great pics!
  18. Thanks to CCG and Carolina Fly aka T. Harvey for a great pattern! This is my variation of "Legs 4 Days Fly". Please google southern culture on the fly, search "legs for days fly" for these exciting new patterns by Carolina Fly Creator Thomas Harvey. Below are picture of my variation of the fly!
  19. It does but not much really, I did that because it creates a "gurgling sound", as you probably know sometimes the fish dont like the big "bang" popping noise, so i tried to figure out a way to lower the sounds so I put estaz or even chenelle infront of the popper head, creates a cool affect, anyway it does and it works for me lol - try it right? it cant hurt - thanks for the nice comments!
  20. 1-29-12 Flies Flies left to right Bass bunny (also called a gar tiger fly) Bass bunny 2 Polar Fiber Minnow Clouser 1 Polar Fiber Minnow Clouser 2 Polar Fiber Anchovy Clouser Polar Fiber Anchovy Clouser 2 Bigmouth Banger Smallmouth Banger
  21. I check out every single one of your posts of flies and pics - EXCELLENT FLIES. love them all! get back into tying!!!!!!!
  22. Hey no sad faces! I love the hard work ethic! I am the same way, I love to stay busy, love working hard and challanging myself!! Anyhow if you ever come to the Long Island NY area would love to get you out with my buddy capt Joe Blados and take you out on the flats for some blues and bass, you would love it!
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