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  1. Incase anyone is wondering, below is the vise I got! http://www.flyfishohio.com/Vise%20Review%201/griffin_blackfoot_mongoose.htm
  2. Thanks for the comments! Nope, no problem at all with the vise rotating, just curious about the new vise. I tell you what, people arent lieing when they say how great the 360 degree rotation is, I love it! Thanks again for your help!
  3. Should I put any dabs of grease on the vise??? Any advice on my new rotating vise would be great! Thanks in advance!
  4. Let me apologize in advance about the pics. I am getting my camera soon! Trust me my camera phone does not do me any justice! Thanks! Just got my mongoose blackfoot vise today, so far I really like it. Have never used a true rotating vise before. Up to today I used a small little vise with a lever that goes up and down. Now, i finally have a true vise! I really love it but i need to get use to it. Anyone go thru this before??? Thanks guys
  5. Great flies! They are almost the same as my anchovy flies, they kick A$$!
  6. If anyone is interested in doing a saltwater fly swap or a private fly swap please personal message me. I will have the flies done and sent out in a day or two after you contact me. Please personal message me if interested. Thanks!
  7. If fish are keyed in on mullet, that nice fly of yours will surely work!
  8. Yes i def would! Thank you so much for replying back. Please keep me posted!
  9. Very nice! Almost looks like a large mullet
  10. If anyone needs an individual to fill a swap or to join a swap, i would LOVE to! I tie mostly saltwater but would love to mix it up with some fresh! I tie every single night, i currently have over 210 flies sitting in foam in my basement. Thats only a month and a half work! Please let me know if anyone needs me in a swap. Have never done a swap but I have read the rules and understand the protocol. Thanks - have a great day
  11. Small Fry Anchovies - Lake Goby - Peanut Bunker Crease Fly w rattle body
  12. Really nice tie! Will put some in my box for some stripers!
  13. Thank you for the help, it is much appreciated. Everyone on here is very helpful with every aspect of the fly fishing world. Great website
  14. thank you for the great response! I fish long island sound waters in NY and have never fished down south! I am dieing to get down there with my fly rod to tackle anything that has a tail! Thanks for the great tips! Excellent ties!
  15. How do you upload images to "view my fly patterns" which is located near your avatar picture in forums? Thank you
  16. Thanks for the excellent and amazing help:)!
  17. I have no problem with the rules. I was just curious about your questions. Once I join 3 swaps then I can start my own.
  18. Why are you so curious might I ask? No one else seems to be but yourself
  19. I do not know that, I guess now I can not do this swap now. Thanks for the great help
  20. I am going to limit this swap to 6 people. Sp far Chefben is in, Need another 5 people. Crease fly swap! Please let me know asap so I can post the details and info!
  21. Saltwater flies - Crease fly - Jiggy - Banger - Surf Candy Also, I included a "screaming mouth" version of a crease fly I tied since people were asking. Thanks!
  22. Thank you everyone for the help! I am looking to create a crease fly swap. Please let me know who would be interested. It can either be fresh or saltwater crease flies. Very easy and fun to make! Below is a crease fly I tie for Striped Bass. Please let me know who is interested and then once I see how many people I get, I will go from there! Thanks
  23. Anyone be interested in doing a fly swap regarding Crease Flies? I love their top water action. However I have never done a swap before and would love to join one or create one myself. I am figuring this is how it works...a number of people are chosen for the swap - a number of flies are made by each person - the flies are sent to the swap manager - flies are then sent out randomly to all the people who participated in the swap, every tier gets a fly they did not tie - please correct me if i am wrong. Thank you for the help!
  24. Why did you choose the greenish and whitish colors for the Shrimp? Very nice ties!
  25. 2 Joe Surf Candies, aka Popoviks surf candies. Tied with 2/0 big game hooks and devcon epoxy. Everything from schoolie bass to tuna swallow these! Enjoy!
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