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  1. Whats going on guys......question for those who fish for Carp with a fly rod.... Going to try Carp fishing soon, for my first time at some local lakes near me. Never fished for Carp before, saltwater fly fisherman tho. Was wondering if anyone could give me some good names of Carp flies - I can re-search them online and tie some up. Any other info would be great! Thanks!
  2. Thanks PJ! Appreciate it pal
  3. Thanks Lyk! check out my white/pink one, just added the photos above thanks again buddy, let me know about the frogs when you can!
  4. Thanks again guys for all the help regarding the saltwater muddler fly. Below is my Congo Hair Saltwater Muddler Fly tied on a 1/0 big game short shank mustad signature Let me know what you think First pic is the fly, dry Second pic is the fly, wet
  5. Guys....amazing comments and links - thanks so much!!!!!
  6. Thanks PeterJay, always love the confidence boosting comments! I have to say tho you tie some really sick flies! Have to travel by boat for the tunas but for albacore we beach fish them!!!!
  7. The Kinky Muddler Fly http://www.flyfisherman.com/2011/06/28/the-kinky-muddler/ Has anyone ever tried to tie this fly up? It may be old news, but its looks nasty as hell - a buddy of mine sent it to me to tie up. I do not have kinky fibers, can I substitute other materials? If so, what do you think would work good? Congo hair? Craft fur? Does any have other saltwater muddler fly patterns without using kinky fiber???? Any help would be great!!!! Thanks!
  8. Thanks AGN54! always appreciated
  9. Spearing, Anchovies, Silverside, ect These are my go to fly for saltwater during the spring run in NY, they catch everything swim great and are translucent in the water. Also snuck in a few frog flies I made....shhhhhhhhhhhh lol
  10. I messed around by combining a few patterns thru google and then came up with this. I made a small one and fished it this past weekend, it worked really great! The bass swallowed it and it swam great, even caught pickeral on it. Very easy to cast and gurgles and pops! Inbox me for the pattern and tyin instructions
  11. Foam Froggy Flies using Clear Cure Goo brushable and Clear Cure Goo Eyes
  12. Awesome ties! I like that white one. Thats a killer fly for the first of the spring striped bass run! All i use is white in the back bays and creeks. What makes the soft hackle flies different than others? Never tied one.....I am guessing the movement in the water???
  13. Thanks guys! Always appreciate the great comments and company! Def right PJay, weather is so different fron a year ago. A terrible winter to now this (we may see en epic spring bass run)!!!!!! This is a question for people who fish the fresh a little more than I do. I fished both Saturday and today (sunday). When i went wading I walked around and looked in the weeds, cover, ect - saw tons of life...small bluegills, sunnies, and some small and large bass (large being 3 to 4lbs lol). The bass seemed like they were in the shallows and I saw their nests, but they were very hesitant to bite anything. There was prob another 5 guys fishing and everyone caught pickeral good but the bass bite was tough. Water is at 52degrees. The picks seem to like this, but do LG like this? I remember last year, I killed the LG in may on topwater frogs and small gurglers. Again, I dont mean to take up the saltwater time but right now I am just very happy for the fish biting by me! usually I have to wait until may!!!! Thanks again guys for everything!
  14. Whats going on guys, sorry about the posting of fresh water fish - but some people asked me to put some pics up if I caught any fish. Last two days had off and on action, overall pretty decent days. Plenty of small pickeral and only a hand few of largemouth. The striped fish should be in very shortly, will be trying for them soon! Few pics of the largemouth I caught and also my stripping basket I decorated
  15. Thanks PeterJ - sick a$$ flies, like usual! There are a few places out of orient I fish - hard tides but shallow, the bass sit all in the big boulders. They feed on eels and worms - these flies would be perfect!
  16. Went wading today guys so could not bring the camera. But I have to admit it was a pretty dam good day. A lot of small pickeral. Two of the pickeral were decent size. only one tiny bass. The pic below shows the hot flies for today. I am going back out tomorrow with my little boat and the camera!!! The bite is on! Tons of life in the lake as well. Tons of little bluegill and sunnies. The hot flies below were a small crease fly, the baby perch minnow and a weighted red chenlle worm (made by RICH MC)
  17. lol hahaha I think it has to do with us men near the salt while he is near the fresh!!!!!!! Thanks Peter
  18. Ben I love that 24K baitfish - Cant tell the difference between yours or T Harvey! You have to come out with me and throw that at albacore (you will have the fight of your life) honestly its a 6lb fish similiar to fishing that shark down south - no joke! Anyhow check your facebook, I messaged you on there about it (on ur wall) thanks! Peter - really nice ties, im sure youve had some big bass tear them up. Looking for a good way to make an american eel imitation for bass - does the ez body give good movement in when its tied "long" thanks
  19. Finally heading out fishing for the first time in 2012 (tomorrow). Going to a lake to hopefully battle some Largemouth and Pickeral! Anyhow here are some freshwater flies I tied up. The reason I am posting these is because I am sure the salt spieces would eat em too! Also some pics of a custom fly box I made. Pics from left to right -Custom fly box getting ready for tmrw -Custom fly box (put foam on top to dry out flies) -Baby Perch Variant -Baby Bass Variant -Largemouth Pig Jig
  20. Wanted to come up with a small baitfish pattern that darts and dives. Came up with this bass boiler. As you will see from the pics, she sits nice in the water, has a great profile and when striped will "pop" and "dive" like an injured baitfish! The other fly is a straight Angel Hair Baitfish
  21. Todays Ties From left to right Scaled Adult Bunker Crease Fly Surf Candy Super Hero Baitfish
  22. AGN - I shape my own and use cutters. Depends on what im trying to do. I also add rattles inside the mouths for some added noise. Kirk - Thanks buddy! Everyone who has made crease flies and posted them never leaves a big enough gap at all. I see it all the time, fish comes up behind it and they can never set the hook properly due to the incorrect tying method and certain type of wide gap hook. Sometimes the crease flies work great after a blue or bass or albie blitz, you let float in the current and dead drift, cant set the hook when theres no hook gap!!! Thanks again kirk!
  23. The dubbing loop is simple. Very easy and endless possibilities check out youtube and type in dubbing loop, cant get any easier!
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