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  1. Actually that is wrong. Clear Cure Goo was created specifically for fly tying. A lot of great info online about CCG. CCG has tons of different types - thick, thin, flex, fleck, hydro, brushable, ect - love CCG
  2. Notenoughtoys - regarding your question about taper For the surfcandies I use supreme or neer hair. When I cut my length of material, I then rest it in my hand and slowly pull at the middle part of the material, this gives the tapered look, I do this for all my synthetic materials, creates great looking baitfish and tapering. I also use clear cure goo thick and hydro for these candies. Best stuff on the market, you can make surf candies like the ones above with epoxy, it yellows to much over time.
  3. Decievers tied on 2/0 gama big game hooks
  4. Thanks Tide, you know I always appreciate the kind comments my friend! Regarding Bruce's clouser, yes I have! Thats where I got these variations from! Pretty much now getting settled into the "go to" flies. Clousers, Jiggies, Crease Flies, Surf Candies and decievers. With this warm weather we may catch bass during April!
  5. Wanted to imitate crabs and crab hatches using the clouser fly method, this is what I came up with. Also a polar fiber sandeel.
  6. Very nice IFLY, get those reds chewin soon!
  7. Epoxy is in the old ages - Clear Cure Goo is the best
  8. Thanks fellas! Appreciate the kind words! Yup the God himself, Bob Popoviks created this style, love his flies!
  9. Many fish like to eat schools of bait. Two is always better than one!
  10. Early Spring to Late Fall - Montauk Rain Bait
  11. http://www.amazon.com/Synthetic-Grizzly-Feather-Hair-Extensions/dp/B005IF3I2E/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1330320656&sr=8-3 Search "hair extensions" and this is what I clicked on. It is synthetic materials, but for the price you can not beat it in my opinion.
  12. Thanks for the advice and comments! I used the CCG Hydro - from what it states it is suppose to give the flexibility. However I made 4 of the gurglers, 2 blue and 2 pink (same as above) two of them were "sealed" and two of them were not - you are prob right, the unsealed will move better - only way i can test them is to watch em swim!
  13. Gurgler Flies Springtime Pink & Holographic Silver
  14. Buddy of mine asked me to tie him a bunch of flies...sent off to Canada today!
  15. LOL - this season I def may have to, the funny part if - I prob use 4 to 5 types of flies and the rest just sit and get a sun tan lol
  16. Rec my flexible wire and another shipment of Clear Cure Goo. Decided to play around with a spoon fly mold, used CCG flec (for the glitter effect) and used CCG Hydro to finish off the fly - has nice movement in the water. Next time I think I am going to bend the shank a little more so the hook gap is wider or use a different type hook - going to add shrimp eyes and legs. I love spoon flies a lot! Looks like that dieing wobbly baitfish or crab.shrimp like imitation!
  17. Thanks guys for the comments, it is appreciated it. I tried out two different hooks and tried dumb bell eyes and the barbell eyes. I know the DB eyes will make it sink fast and the barbell will stay in the water column a little longer. A burrowing sandeel tries to obviously burry itself into the sand to hide from predators. We shall see what works better. For the hooks I used a size 1/0 saltwater big game gamo hook and a Gamo B10S Stinger size 1 - the B10s seems to look a lot more natural with the tie. Also I think i am going to play around with this design some more. Use a long shank hook with this clouser design to have the sandeels "dance" erratic! Thanks again guys.
  18. Burrowing Sandeel Flies Mixed colors - also great for fluke!
  19. Make sure the foam had a sticky back too.
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